I’m opening up Sunshine Club just for a few days so you can now join! And you’ll receive your first Sunshine Box the first or second week of February! YAY!

All the Details for Sunshine Club! 

It's been so much fun having the First Sunshine CLUB this past year in 2018! And for 2019, It’s going to be even more wonderful! I’m adding some new surprises this year! And this club will be filled with ongoing encouragement of sunshine through fun boxes of gifts and happy emails and notes and all given to this sweet and wonder-filled community of women. I cannot wait!! Yippeeeee!!

Box 1: First Box for the Sunshine Club! 

This box will be your “Winter Box” and will be delivered in January to celebrate the new year of 2019! It will be filled up with joy and will brighten those gray winter days! The box will have a set of notecards and a journal and note from me. 

Box 2: Spring Box to celebrate the beauty of Spring!  

The Spring Box will be delivered in April and when all the flowers start to bloom! This will be your exclusive original  8”x10" painting that I've made for each one of you. And I can't wait to share more about it but for now, just know it will be a very special painting that is exclusive to the Sunshine Club. :) 

Box 3: Summer Box to welcome in summertime!  

This box will be delivered in July and will include your special tote bag with my designs printed on it. This will be your summer happy!

Box 4: Fall Box to celebrate all the beauty of fall!

This will be your “fall box” and will have a special 8”x10” print plus a surprise and a note from me too!

Sunshine Club is:

It's truly a whimsical VIP membership club where you will receive notes and monthly newsletters from me, see some behind the scenes photos and videos, plus devotions and what God is teaching me. I really want this to be like receiving Sunshine in the mail! I want it to be a delight for you and a hug from God! My prayer is that this club will be filled to the brim with God's spirit and joy! 

We all have walked difficult roads in life and there are days where it's just really hard to find that joy, to see the joy, to see the hope God offers each of us. And with knowing that life can have so much sorrow and pain and difficulty, I’m even more passionate to have this club. I want to share God's joy and bring you all sunshine and encouragement!  

This club will have a limited number so I can make each box special and fun and whimsical!  

And here is the list of what is included!

  • An original 8”x10" painting that is designed and hand painted by me and exclusively made just for the Sunshine Club. $190

  • Fun Notecards (pack of 5 with envelopes). $15

  • Journal (52-pages). $15

  • 8"x10" print. $28

  • Special tote bag with one of my designs printed on it. $45

  • Shipping of the boxes during the 4 times of the year. $70

  • Plus, monthly email newsletters for the Sunshine Club and some other surprises along the way!

  • You'll always receive first info about retreats, camps, workshops and new releases of paintings and products too. :)

  • The Price for this club is $300! But if you bought everything individually, it would be over $400 worth of fun happy!

What others have said about the Sunshine Club!

“I was so excited to be a charter member of Tricia's Sunshine Club that I signed up immediately!! I quickly learned that it's more than a box of sunshine each quarter. It's a box of happy, filled with love, friendship, prayers, inspiration and wonky!! Trust me, you will be delighted with each shipment!!!” (Lauren S.)

“Innovation, creativity, and wonkiness melds into one delicious God-centered box! Sunshine in every way! Thank you for all you do!” (Mary W.)

“Tricia has beautiful gift and BLESSES others by sharing AND I personally felt like it was Christmas with each beautiful box I received each season. They are packed with love and happiness❣️(Kathy T.)

“At the last minute, I asked my family for the Sunshine Club membership for Christmas. Thankfully they not only purchased it for me, but also let me know to be looking for the first box coming in the fall. Little did I know how much that little box of sunshine was going to bless me.” (Sunshine Club Member)

“About a month before I received my first box, I discovered a very old friend had tragically passed away. Being a strong believer, it shook me to my core. I had a hard time processing and understanding ‘why?’ Then about a month later to the day, my sweet little sunshine box came in. I cannot tell you just how much God used that box to break of the sadness and despair that had attached itself to me. With each thing Tricia had placed in the box it was as if sunshine was bursting through a very dark and cloudy storm. The last thing I pulled out was a simple note from her and at the end was a scripture. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5. It was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of. After that, the darkness left and never came back. Each time I received my box it was exactly what I needed at that time. A perfect dose of joy and goodness. Sprinkled with a bit of fun. I am so thankful I asked for the Sunshine box. It has been a bigger blessing than I could of imagined. Thank you Tricia for your child’s heart and sharing your gifts of happy!” (Kara P.)

“What a joy it was to receive four beautifully prepared “treasure” boxes from Tricia. The unique double-sided tote bag was my favorite! Each special box came with a handwritten message of happiness and is guaranteed to brighten any day.️” (Diane G.)

“Sunshine Club mail was always such a happy surprise! Gorgeous little gifts to give or keep! Tricia’s art is spiritual, whimsical & just happy! Seeing it makes you smile!” (Val A.)

“Oh what fun it was receiving my very own box of happiness! It never failed, my Sunshine box always arrived on a day that I needed it. Bringing me hope and joy. I loved how personal each box felt. It was like getting a warm hug from a sweet friend with every box!” (Terry G.)

“Knowing that my Sunshine Box was prayed over by Tricia, specifically for me, was a true Blessing!!!  The Happy, the Love, the Sparkle, and God's Word filled me with 'Sunshine', not only the day my box arrived, but, throughout the days, weeks and months to follow!!!”  (Linda G.)

“Tricia’s Art always makes me smile. Getting the packages was always a fun surprise full of joy that I could either keep or share!” (Cecile R.)

Sunshine Club FUN!

4 boxes plus (extra bonus package) plus club newsletters, club community, encouragement, inspiration, behind the scenes and notes during each season! Several members bought the Sunshine Club as gifts for friends last year. What a great way to spread joy to others!

May you feel the warmth of God's sunshine and smile over you. May you know His hope and His delight over you.  And as we are about to enter into the most holy of holy and twinkle of twinkle light seasons in the next month, may we carry this truth in our hearts—God has given us the LIGHT of the WORLD—Jesus. 
He is our Joy and All in All, He is the Light that shines into all the darkness.
He is our pure and beautiful Sunshine.
He is ALL Love.

Much love,