"Good News" 8"x8"

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"Good News" 8"x8"


Acrylic painting on gallery wrap canvas.

Gloria 18"x18"

I keep thinking about the day of Resurrection... the day the women and disciples found out Jesus was alive!

And the women.... those precious women when they heard the angel say, "Jesus is risen from the dead." - did this:

"The women deep in wonder and full of joy lost no time in leaving the tomb. They RAN to tell the disciples."
Matthew 28 ( Message)

Love the fact that these women were the very first to preach the Good News! In a culture where women did not have a voice, the women were the first ones to hear from the angel and then share and preach with energetic hearts! And Jesus had given them a voice and He knew this would happen!

Jesus cared for them and wanted them to shine out His glory! 

I love to think of the women running to the disciples and the women running as fast as their legs could go! 
Their world had changed.
Jesus was alive.
Glory to God!

And I want to remember that Jesus has given us a voice as women. I want to be like the women ( The Easter Girls) and I want to have that spark and joy and deep wonder in Jesus.

I want to have that brave spirit of "Running" to share the Good and Wonder-filled news! 
Jesus is our Rescuer.
Jesus is our Redeemer. 
And He gives us the most beautiful gift.... true life!

"God is not a secret to be kept, we're going public with this." 
Matthew 5

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