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In this happy eCourse, you’ll learn to paint a "HAPPY CAKE"!

I'm going to share with you step by step how to paint A fun and frolicky HAPPY CAKE! And this HAPPY CAKE symbolizes JOY and CELEBRATION!

As you paint your cake, my hope is that you see it as a time of pure JOY! And when your Happy CAKE is hanging up on your wall, may it bring you SMILES every single day!

This painting course is filled up with playing and using paper and paint. It’s about painting wonky. “Wonky” to me means the “beautiful imperfect” and being free to make mistakes. Painting can be so much fun when we have that freedom! And I can’t wait to share my “happy land” of creating with you! I think you’ll love the process of making your HAPPY CAKE come alive with paint, paper, color and your imagination too! I’d love to have you join me as we journey together in making our Happy Cakes!

The painting course has over 2 hours of video content. And it’s for anyone who wants to create! Even if you’ve never picked up a paint brush, this course is for you! I’ll show you step by step instructions in a fun way! And if you’ve painted for years, this course is for you too! Because you may learn some more playful and free ways to paint! I’ll have a supply list, and share secret “ingredients” for painting with mixed media ( paper and paint)! I’ll also share inspiration and step by step lessons. There are 9 painting lessons total. And by the end of the course, you will have made a beautiful, whimsical Happy Cake!

This is a self-paced course so you can stop and start at any time. And the course is wonderful for any age range!

*You also have access to the course forever (or for as long as the internet exists!)

In this class you’ll learn how to…

  • paint Freely!

  • paint Wonky!

  • paint with Colorful acrylic paints!

  • learn “Secret Tips” from me!

  • design a HAPPY CAKE!

  • see the Magic of adding paper to a painting!

  • use the Fun supplies I have listed!

  • see Inspiration behind the painting!

  • make the most Wonderful "Happy Cake" that you uniquely created!


Supply List:


11"x14" Blick Gallery Profile Canvas  ( I love the gallery canvases because they have a thick edge and you can hang the painting straight on the wall. But a traditional thin edge canvas will work too!) 


Liquitex Basic ( These paints are great student grade paints. They have lots of fun colors and they are good quality for the price!) I have 13 paints listed in column below but you can use the basic 8 paints too if you don’t want to buy all the paints at one time.

(8 Basic paint colors: Liquitex Basic: Light blue, Cerulean blue, Hooker’s Green, Primary Red, Cadmium Yellow Light, White, and Mars Black, Bright Aqua Green)

Total List of 13 Paint Colors:

Light Blue

Titanium White

Primary Red

Cadmium Red Deep ( You can use Cadmium Red Medium too)

Bright Aqua Green

Hooker's Green

Cadmium Yellow Light

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Cadmium Orange Hue

Mars Black

Cerulean Blue

Amsterdam Paints  ( I love these paints too!)

Reflex Rose

Yellowish Green

Also you can uses this set of paints:

Liquitex Gel Medium ( The Magic Glue)  4 oz bottle will work unless you want to have more later to make more paintings!

Earth Safe Paint Gel Medium (You can also use this for the gel medium ( the glue for the paper)


Wonder White, size 8 and size 12

Chalk– Any kind of white or colored chalk. We will use it like a pencil and sketch out our painting of the bike on to the painted black canvas.

Styrofoam plates or wax paper to use for your paint palette. ( This is for you to place all your paints on). You can use paper plates too but the paint soaks into the paper more.  

All types of fun, colorful, patterned paper.  Examples: scrapbook paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, whatever type of colors and patterns you love. We will use little bits of it in our cake painting.

Rags or paper towels to wipe off brushes.