Summer Morning


Have had a dream to teach art to children.... specifically orphans.  This week, some of that dream came true.
There are 14 orphans from the Ukraine here in Birmingham for a few weeks this summer and the hope and prayer is that many of these children will be adopted.  Their ages range from 6 years to high school age. The ministry that makes this all happen is called, Hope for Orphans... a wonderful ministry here in Birmingham.  They bring orphans over each summer and many are adopted and they also have camps for children in the Ukraine.  It is really amazing what they do!


Mike, Sam, and I wanted to help out so we went over to the house where they were all staying and taught an art lesson in the morning.
We had a great time helping the children with their art work and watching them create their own painting...... their own masterpiece.  It is actually quite an adventure when you are trying to talk to kids and they have no idea what you are saying.... and there is only one interpreter. We did learn how to say, "beautiful" and "awesome" in their language. 


They worked so hard and you could see the focus and the expression in each one of the paintings.

This little guy wanted to paint a soccer player and Mike had a great time helping him. Mike immediately bonded with this little one because of one word, "football"... which is the universal language for soccer. ( Mike is a huggge soccer fan.)
The painting turned out super and the little boy was so happy with his creation. ( Love that bright cheery face and the thumbs up).   It was a joy to be there and to find out that hopefully some of these children will be adopted.

The above painting is very dear to me... it is Sam's painting.  At first, he didn't want to paint but then he sat down and painted our little family at the beach plus Mo Mo.... how much I cherish this one.:)
 Loved that Sam was able to be there too and hang out with everyone as well.  Depsite the language barrier, we communicated by thumbs up, lots of expression and smiles.

Beautiful... beautiful!!
It was a gift for our little family to spend a June morning with these precious children. Painting, kids, bright colors, bright faces, being with Mike and Sam, beautiful summer morning, children's faces lighting up as they see their creation come to life is absolutely a treasure. Watching kids create is like watching a spark go off and you are able to see ( if only for a short time) the electricity, the excitement, the aliveness in their little hearts and faces! Love it.. love it!