The Happy Rose


The season of Roses is here! yea!
I wanted to plant a special rose bush for Rosie.  So I think this will be the one!

Love these fluffy cotton candy pink blooms.


Love so many things during this time of year!

 birds singing
 nesting of mommy birds
 tomato plants
tree leaves of lime green
 fresh herbs of basil, thyme and oregano
mint mingling about
fish happy with lots of rain in their pond
amazing scent of honeysuckle and jasmine in the air
Our kids play play playing in our happy yard
sitting outside
reading outside
playing outside
eating outside
basically living outside as much as possible!

Yea for May!
Yea for Spring!
Yea for the days of bloom!

Days of April


Tulips blooming at Birmingham's Botanical Gardens.

2008_0402walk0002 These calendar pages are from  Ann  Voscamp's Holy Experience    blog. She is a true inspiration in daily living.  The pages are from an old science book  called, "Natural Science Through The Seasons: 100 teaching units) . It has great ideas in it even though it is considered "vintage" now.  It teaches children  ( and adults) how to really see... to slow down and  enjoy the small things of life.  Ann Voscamp writes,

"If the heaven's declare... let's get out there.

Take time.     Only a few minutes a day.


Pause. Breath deep.

Slow to see.

Step outside.  Go for a walk.

Give glory.

Grace. Gratitude. Joy."

Thank you Ann.