A Moopie Day!


I have a dear friend who wears fun polk-a-dot shoes and is always smiling.  This friend came over today and gave me such a fluffy happy present for Rosie.  The present is..... 

drum roll please...........

Peeking out from the pink bag.......

A Moopie! Yes! A Moopie! Right when I opened it,  I fell in love with this cuddly little stuffed lovie. At first, I thought my "polk-a-dot shoe friend" bought it, then I thought she bought it from this great website. ( who created Moopie)

But then she told me that she and her mom made it together this past weekend!  How special is this!  I just love it!  Oh, me, oh my... a homemade Moopie! It is so soft and cuddly and love the fabrics she chose.  The ear fabric is from Purl Soho in New York.. isn't it great and fun?? Polk a dot land! And the pink and green fabric is so beautiful and the little face and TUTU!  She made the tutu because she saw the tutus in Rosie's room. I just absolutely adore this little creation!
Am in awe of this sweet homemade treasure and smile every time I look at this Moopie.. I will always think of my dear polk-a-dot friend....

sweet Katie!  She is heading off to counseling school in St. Louis this Friday!  Thank you so much Katie for making sweet Moopie!  It is very very special and I can just imagine Rosie carrying it all around the house.  ( Of course, Rosie will have a blue tutu on to match her Moopie!)

Pancakes and Pitter Patter


Our last breakfast with Caleb and Jonah before they head down the road to Augusta. We toasted with blue glasses and ate pancakes together... also treasuring every moment with them. 
Older boys chilling and Jonah in the middle showing his moves....... kind of reminds me of a future garage band. Who knows what these little ones will be up to in the future. I asked Caleb and Sam one day as we were driving back from soccer camp, " What do you want to do when you grow up.. what do you DREAM of doing?" Caleb said clearly and confidently, " I want to be a zoo keeper!"  Sam said, " I want to be a cafeteria worker!" ( Sam's favorite part of soccer camp was eating in the cafeteria!) So, we'll see what the future holds!


Gotta love those pancakes!
After saying our goodbyes to the O'Neils, our friend, Katie and Caleb came over for a belated birthday dinner for Katie turning 30! Yea for the years of 30!  Katie taught me some embroidery stitches and I'm excited about having some sewing time on the 11 hour flight to Moscow! Oh, can't believe we are heading to Moscow in 3 days! So much going on and yet, so much to think about and pack and prepare for and wow, my heart is so full! 
Here is the little girl I embroidered on cardstock... so fun to do! I love embroidery on paper! You take a little prick thing... and poke holes into the design you want and then you take your needle and thread and create! Voila!  A little girl... of course, this is little Rosie or a symbol of her!  I was playing around with stitching on the dress and trying to make a cute pattern but it turned out kind of funny. Katie said, "Her dress looks like it is from the rag bag"... yes, it does! Katie always has a great way of making me laugh!

IMG_1952 This is Katie's creation.. it's beautiful. This is a card to go on a wedding present with the bride's initials... and Katie even sewed the initials like the bride writes her name... so thoughtful.

Can't wait to make more creations with needle and thread.  There is definitely something so relaxing about hand work and taking out the needle, threading it, looping it and making a creation of some sort. While we were sewing and talking, there was a steady rain on the sunroom tin roof... made it into a perfect rainy summer afternoon of embroidery and hanging out with a good friend. I said, " Katie, do you think we'll be doing this together when we are 85 years old."  She said, Yes, but not in the uncool way.  So, I'm thinking, what will be the "cool" way when we are 85?  
Time will tell.....

3 more days until Russia!! Have much to pack, to plan, to get together ( trip to Target)...We're gathering clothing for the orphanage and getting fun little toys and things for Rosie. OHHHH,  I cant' wait to hold her!  

Garden Girl Fun


My sweet friend, Katie, made me a very special gift.... an embroidered garden girl bag! Love this little gardener!

She has her green and orange watering can,seeds in pockets, and little herbs too!  She even has her hair in fun buns,it's red and she has a headband! She is standing in the middle of her  orange tulips with her cropped pants and polk a dot shoes. Her little garden smock/apron is absolutely adorable! Oh, this makes me very happy. Right now, this little girl is on a canvas bag, but I may end up framing her and putting batting behind it and make it pop out of the frame. There is just something about embroidery that draws me in.  What is it?  Katie said it's very relaxing and I think I am on the verge of starting embroidery... have wanted to do it for a while now. So much out there to do and it's just making the time to do it and saying, "ok, tonight I will sit down, take out my needle and thread and create a little piece of art."  It's kind of like painting. I have to sit down and take out my brush and paints and start painting. Of course, one has to be inspired by something to embroider or paint.  Katie found this pattern from one of our favorite craft girls, Wee Wonderfuls. The Wee Wonderful girl has lots of fun patterns to embroider and so I think I may just tackle one and try it.   Katie, thank you for this frolicky garden girl. Need to give her a name....


This poem has been playing in my ear when I go out to water my little garden...

"Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row."

And her name shall be...
Mary Rose.