Blueberry Pie Party


From the blueberry picking day, I searched the web for the best blueberry pie and it looks like the recipe found is a winner!  The pie was delicious!!
Plus, Mike made a great meal of hot pressed sandwiches and butternut squash soup.   Yummm! Mike's butternut squash soup is like liquid gold... amazingly good!


The pie and dinner was not just any ordinary meal, we made it for a special reason.... We had our wonderful and dear neighbors over tonight for a going away/celebration for them. They are moving back to Augusta and we are very sad they're moving but happy about the future that lies ahead for them too. To say that Sam loved playing with their sons, Caleb, Jonah and Gideon is an understatement. ( He LOVED playing with them!)  Almost everyday, Sam would say, "Can I play with Caleb and Jonah? The boys are so precious and kind and a true joy to be around.  And Sarah and her husband,Mike are so fun to be with and we will miss them lots! I told Sarah the other day that I felt like they were angels here for a year... their entire family has been a true gift to us. They inspire us just by how they live and enjoy the day to day. I've learned a lot from them and look forward to keeping up with their family through Sarah's blog.
The going away dinner/party was filled with laughing, eating, watching the boys play, holding little Gideon and playing Wii bowling!  After the O'Neils left, I was folding clothes upstairs and thinking how much we should cherish the people around us because we never know how much time we'll have with our neighbors, friends, or family.  With our precious neighbors moving away, I am reminded again to savor the now and make the most of the days God has given us... to love well, and make time for others.  For our days are truly presents from God and the people God places around us may only be for a season. 
Ok, so these are not pictures from July. They are actually from a little snow shower we received back in the winter. But for Birmingham, snow is a huge deal. And we had the best day playing with our neighbors. Love these pics of Jonah, Sam and Caleb. 
One big group hug! These boys are great buds!

Little Gideon... he is absolutely adorable and has the sweetest spirit.
Isn't it nice to look at cool snow pics in the middle of July?  You can see in the background that it took 1/2 the yard of snow just to make Mr. Snowman.  
Ahh, love looking at these photos, they just make me happy!
We love you O'Neils and are so thankful for all of you! You are treasures to us!! Thank you for reflecting God's love and his kindness to our little family this past year.

1...2...3 ... Jump!


Truly a perfect 4th of July day.... ( other than the getting lost on the way).. we loved our day at the Edward's lake house. Jumping off the dock was a big hit for the kids. Sam loved it!  And to play with 9 other kids in the lake is like a dream come true for Sam. He loves playing with others..... the more, the merrier! And it was definitely merry that day.  We had kids floating and jumping and running and fishing and swimming and laughing and adults skiing and floating and watching the kids have fun.  One of my favorite things to do.. watching Sam have fun and enjoying the moment... Love that part of mommyhood!

Some mommies and kiddies having fun in the water.  If you look closely, Tutle ( aka Amy) is on the blue float and her little 2 year old is on the opposite side of the float and is fast asleep. He slept out there on the lake for at least an hour.... so sweet!

Ahhh, this picture says it all..... lake, serene, peaceful.. beautiful.... love that tire swing... oh, do you see the tree face too?


The Ultimate Kiddie delight..... this is definitely how a kid would want their dessert to look like.... cookie cake with gummies and candy delight all over it. Kind of reminds me of something from Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory!  Yummm.. yummm.... a pure sugar high! 

Hope you all had a great 4th weekend and able to enjoy some sunshine and bits of frolick!

Polk a Dot Party!


A few days ago, Sam and I went to Caleb's 2 year old birthday party.  Caleb is one of our good friends and his mommy is a good friend too! It was an enchanted little party because the entire theme was sweet and simple: making cupcakes.  Of course, all the kids had no problem throwing on the sprinkles and eating lots of frosting. It was funny because I forgot how quiet a 2 year old birthday party can be. With Sam being 6 and very talkative and energetic with all his friends, walking into a room of little ones making small noises is something I have not been used to... but I liked it. Other than celebrating Caleb being the great age of  two, my favorite part was seeing all the handmade things that Caleb's mommy created.  She made his shirt with the two on it( actually, not the shirt, but cut the two and placed it on the shirt) very clever, very cute. And then....


The Birthday Crown!  Love the crown. So beautiful and it goes with all the other things Katie made, like the....


....bunting that hung between the door ways -little yellow and green polk a dots. I think bunting makes everything look so festive and cheerful. It would be fun to make bunting for ordinary days so when there is a day that needs to have an extra "zip" to it. Hang up the bunting!


Notice matching crown and shirt and crown boy ( Harris) next to Caleb.  Katie made all the kids crowns for their own birthdays! So thoughtful and creative!
Sam loving the sprinkles and cupcake!

And after the kids gobbled down cupcakes and teeter tottered around the yard, the kids went home with this- a little crayon holder that wraps up and ties with a ribbon! Love it!   Thank you Katie for being such a clever and fun mommy who turned a two year old birthday party into extra sweetness with your homemade creations.  Yep, I think you have some Marie Claire Idee -ness ( French craft magazine)  flowing through you!  You're an inspiration...makes me want to get some needle and thread out and make something.

Little Helpers


This past weekend I had an art show in my hometown of Cedartown, Georgia.  This show is not just an ordinary show, it is one that I look forward to every year because I see friends from childhood.  There is something about friends that you have known since grade school.  These are the ones that you played Barbies with, had spend the night parties and rolled yards, rode bikes with, and even got in fist fights with.  These are those treasured friends that will last a lifetime. They know you in ways that only childhood offers and it really is a true gift.

This weekend was a special one because two of my oldest friends from Cedartown were at the art show.  It was great being with them and what makes it even more special is that their children were with them as well.  One of my friends who I have known since first grade, Gretchen, had her two girls with her and they became my official helpers for the show.  Her youngest one had the calculator and helped me price my paintings which was very helpful.  She would go up to a painting and punch in the numbers... 53983322++... and then on to the next painting.  Both her daughters were so much fun to be with and they painted beautiful masterpieces during the show.  Creativity was buzzing everywhere!


Thank you Savannah and Elsa Quay for your great help!  Tiff and Greta, thanks for being such dear friends.
Love you all!




Cowboyland today at the Robinson house.  Notice the colorful bandannas!  It was so much fun getting Sam and his 3 friends outfitted and ready for their battles. Helping them pick which bandanna they wanted to wear was it's own adventure. ( the right color was a big deal!)  I love to watch boys play and use their imagination; they come up with the most creative little stories and little lands of battles.  One minute they are shooting hoops in the driveway and the next minute they are running around as cowboys in their "wild west". My dear neighbor, Sarah,  ( and mom of the two boys on the left) wrote this today about her boys... loved what she said.  "There are times when I find myself ready to chastise them for being too wild, too loud, or getting too dirty, but then I step back and realize that they are merely exploring the world around them. They are LIVING."  I need to remind myself that same thing. I remember before Sam, I used to be so judgmental of how moms let their boys run around.  I thought to myself, "Oh, they are so wild!" But now having a boy,  I have been humbled and realize that boys need to run and play and jump and shout.  Love what Sarah said, "these boys are living."  They are explorers and are taking great adventures every day. They have curiosity and crazy fun all mixed together.   So cheers to these little cowboys... enjoy your littleness, enjoy your free spirits and may you all stay young at heart and curious and full of wonder all your days!

Did you know that some cowboys carry blue light sabers and pirate swords?


They are ready for some sort of battle... gotta love the faces!


After the wild west is won and the day draws to a close, I see this little 5 year old's sweetness and my heart melts. Wouldn't trade Sam's joy and true love for life for anything.  He is a boy full of wonder and his personality, his laughter, his smile, his sweet brown eyes.   And to think this little one is on the verge of turning 6.  The countdown has begun and he enters a fresh new age in 6 days.