Winter Flowers

Our favorite beach on 30-A also has one of the most beautiful parks, Eden State Park. It's so close to the beach... just about 5 minutes down the road.  But surprisingly, many have never been to this little piece of enchantment. This past Saturday, we headed to the park for a picnic before we headed back to Birmingham.   It's always beautiful during anytime of the year because they have roses in  the summer and fall, camellias in winter, and azaleas in the spring. Love the moss in the trees, the quietness, the green grass and flowers, and even yellow butterflies in January.

And this time of the year, the camellia bushes are dripping with flowers.
My favorite is this candy cane camellia.... just love it. Almost looks good enough to eat!

Rosie loves these too. 

Big fat fluffy flowers..... a delight to any girl's heart!
sorting the petals...

Gathering more camellias scattered under the bush...

Quietly and gently, just enjoying the simplicity and beauty of a flower.

Even in January, flowers can grace our yards.  A great bonus to living in the south!


Welcome Welcome!  Love the start to the new year... a time for new hopes and dreams. A clean slate.... a fresh page to write...and many paths to journey down: some snow-filled... some sandy... some grassy and some covered in flowers.

For our little family.... looking back at 2008 was a path that led to one with a tiny Rose on it.

...A pink happy Rose who had a family ready to love and play with her and show her things like......
minnows in the sea!
pink happy Rose.....excited about all the little things of life.
 And as we start this new year with all it's fresh hopes and dreams... I can't help but look back on 2008 with a smile.
History will say one thing about this past year.....
But for our little's been a gift.
2008 brought us our Rose....


 Rosie Robinson!

Smiles and all!

Fun Times

We are back home now from our Thanksgiving beach time and moving from scarecrows and pumpkins to candy canes and twinkle lights!

But before all the glitter and Christmas music starts, here are some more peeks ... and

"Twelve Loves" in this fairy tale beach land.

1.  Loved hanging out with our good friends, the Swindells, on this sunshiny beach day. (  I think Sam has a crush on one of their girls!)We had a great time playing and climbing on "Magic Mountain"!

2.  Love this ping pong table.  It is hidden away in the bushes and also has a pool table underneath! How great is that?
3. Love this sign: makes me laugh each time I read it.
4. Loved watching the kids playing their first Bocce Ball game.

5. Love this ping pong girl!

IMG_6365 6. Love THE Magic Mountain! I think all parks should have these... they are the best entertainment for any age!  Amazing how simple a playground can be.... dump a lot of dirt, plant grass and voila!...hours of fun!
( this was our 2nd time going back to Magic Mtn... this time with my brother and his family.  We had such a fun day!

7.  Love this coffee fun place on 30A, Fonville Press... which also happens to have the magic mountain right beside it!


8. Love this little reminder... Christmas is coming....

9. Love the outdoors at Fonville. The coffee time/play with your kids land... great combination!... plus it is just beautiful!


10. Love catching my dad's little smiles.... makes me smile as well.


11. And love watching these two sweet ones walking down the pebbled road.

IMG_637912. And love this special look between daddy and his little rose:)

Alll is well....

the end.

Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone! 


Our friend, Rushton, made this adorable turkey... it was brought to us with the yarn body and a packet of paper feathers.  So during this month, we have been writing down what we are thankful for on the feathers and sticking them in the turkey. And now we have a fluffy happy turkey- filled with thanksgiving notes!
Thank you Rushton! We love our Gobble turkey!

Life... one long thanksgiving.

"Seeing our Father in everything makes life one long thanksgiving and gives a rest of heart."
Hannah Whitall Smith

Lovethis quote and have been writing it down in my journal this past month of November.  So amazing how my attitude can shift when I write down all the things that I am thankful for.  Being grateful is transforming and seeing God in everything truly does make our life one long and wonderful thanksgiving.  Even thanking him for the hard things in life as well as the good things.
 God redeems and restores and He is truly good!

And as we are at the beach during Thanksgiving, I have the perfect Thanksgiving house to show you. I love this house!  I named it "Anne of Green Gables". Just looks like Anne should live here and I do wonder what person lives in this house. Maybe I'll meet them someday.... who knows?

  30-A of Florida ( aka magical fairy land) has some amazing and beautiful houses.  It's a true feast for the eyes as one looks at the happy pastel houses with  tin roofs at Seaside, the Southern style homes of Watercolor, and the Rosemary houses with 5 different porches and gas lanterns and fountains.  But amid all the multi million dollar homes, this one is a favorite. Every time I pass by it on my bike, I feel happy. I feel restful and want to stop a minute and just look at the house and think about things I am thankful for.
 This house is simple and sweet, seems to be well-loved and it talks to you too.
  That little sign above the red doors says it all.....

"Be Grateful"


 So I''ll listen to this house and
Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!


Our favorite type of ocean look:
calm..... clear....

Pure blue sky.... another sunshine, sing song day here at the beach. It's always a surprise to walk up to the beach steps and look out into the ocean to see what beach day will be like.  Today we walked up to the overlook and the ocean was so calm..... just little baby waves and a bright blue sky... ah, just perfect!
Bliss....Sand.... Love.... Nana playing with Rosie.... Sam playing in the waves.

Can we ever get enough of looking at God's amazing sea?

Favorite Beach Dance:
The Little Rosie Waltz!

Favorite colors at the beach.... turquoise blue, white,  pink... red.. and some Van Gogh yellow.

Favorite outdoor spot at beach house:
Hammock chair on the balcony... we all love it:)

Favorite indoor spot:
Our new happy flower chair! And it goes so cheerfully with the big flower painting!
I have a feeling this chair will hold lots of love!

Yep! Lots of love right here!  This is called "squishing the heads love"!

Favorite Beach Book of the Week:
"The Adventures of Chatterer the Squirrel"  Ok... I  have to tell you about this veryyyyy special book....

This book is from my grandmother's house and the copyright was 1913!  True vintage!  My mom grew up on reading Thornton Burgess books and she LOVED them!  Now, she is reading them to Sam and he LOVES them too! It's his first Burgess book and I can't wait to read more animal stories.  There are stories about bears and deer and birds and sea animals.  Would highly recommend theses little treasures. They are so much fun! 


Favorite little girl: 

Rosie Robinson

And she loves her new ducky puppet book so much! Every night and also nap time she sleeps with it and this tiny book transforms her sleep time in a BIG way... she has gone from crying in her crib to sweet baby talk and sing song. (Mike found her sleeping like this... oh, so sweet!) I'm so happy she loves books ( because only 2 months ago, she had no idea what books were.)
Amazing how things can change in such little time!
 Oh, and she has warmed up to Bla Bla and Moopie too! Notice Bla Bla keeping her all snuggly and happy.

So that is a glimpse into our favorites for the week.
One more day until Thanksgiving.. gobble gobble!!!

Monday Funday


 8 fun things on this Monday by the sea! 
1. Sam caught his biggest fish yet!  A red fish.. but why is it not red? It actually looks like a Dalmation fish!

2.  Rosie had her first bike ride! yipee!
3.  Daddy and Rosie riding around... daddy fixing Rosie's bumble bee helmet so she can see!

4. Biking to the secret green meadow.

Our bike adventure ended up at the croquet field in Seaside. We love this field because it is kind of hidden and a secret place!  I remember the first time I found this green field... back when Seaside was brand new ( early 90's). Thought it was so special and from then on, it's been a destination of sorts. Now we like to ride to it and run around and play on the playground. 

5.  Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world: Nana ( my mom) and Rosie.


6. Happy swinging in the little park of Seaside.


7.  Fun jumping Sam!


8. And heading out to the sea to look at it one more time before the sun goes to bed for the night.

The Sea


Little seaside love:  I'm not at the beach today but can definitely feel like it just by looking at these pics.
I absolutely love going to the beach and think it is one of my favorite places on earth. This beach is no ordinary beach, it is magical, it is small and it is my idea of true rest and play.  Some of my favorite times while by the sea is biking to this pavilion and sitting in one these chairs. I usually take my pink thermos filled with coffee and my journal. Once I get to my destination, I say hello to the sea, sit down, take out my journal and write.  It is pure luxury; to gaze at the ocean and write, hearing only the sea. Yep, one of my favorite places in the world... this little pavilion by the sea.

More of the seaside love and beauty. Don't you just want to jump into this picture?

And my little lovie fisherboy..... he is just beginning to fly fish because his sweet daddy is in the process of teaching him. So many sweet moments at this beach, this wonderland.