The beginning of....


Much buzz in the house today..... Sam turned 7 today!!! And we're celebrating all day long!!
So this is the beginning of birthday time and his official party will come up in a few weeks!  Today, the plan is for a Chuck E Cheese lunch! 

Also, another part to the birthday weekend is the Mountain Brook Art Show!   If you are in the Birmingham area and want to see lots of art, come on over to the show!  It's Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday noon - 5pm.

Above painting is a peek into my "House of Rose" collection.  I had so much fun making these dresses. They're made with  rose petals, tapestry and handmade paper.  Each fashion girl needs a name, so I'm thinking of what this one will be.  Think she is a Paris Rose Couture girl!

And this dress reminds me of a wedding cake. I had lots of fun with this one too!  Rose petals in the skirt and I cut tiny rose buds and put them on the top of the dress.   More dresses to show... but for now, we are in birthday mode and preparing for art show!

Happy weekend to you!!


Vintage Flower Children


My dear friend, Julie, gave me these prints from a vintage children's book and I absolutely love them!
She thought they would be great for Rosie and she is right! I can't wait to frame these precious prints and put them in Rosie's fairy land room!

Wild Rose... yes, Rosie loves to run around... especially in the nice fresh spring air!

Flower Children.. the entire idea of making little girls dressed in flowers is perfect!

And then there is Miss Pansy and Miss Larkspur.

And Columbine the happy sprite. Pansy, Larkspur, Columbine are on the back pages of the rose girls and I love the little poems, they're so happy!  I may have to use some of these quotes and place them in some flower children paintings!  New ideas brewing! Can't wait for these flower children to frolick around in Rosie's room! 

Thank you Julie!

A Fun First!

This is a pic from last year, but it shows one of Sam's good friends. His friend who he graduated with from Kindergarten and who lives just up the street.  They are Star Wars fans and love all things with weapons and battles... true energetic fun loving boys!
All this to say, Sam's friend's mom, Paula, is a good friend of mine. We always laugh because we share so many things in common.... both from a small town, we were in "Down By the Creekbank" musical when we were young, we went to Samford,  worked as youth ministers, and now have boys the same age!    Paula joined a writing class this past spring and she chose my "art life" as one of her articles.  And her article was published!  Here it is: snippy: profiles.  
Thank you Paula!
Happy spring day to everyone!

Candy Paper and Cavallini

With all the super sweet treats for Rosie, it has also been  fun to write "thank you notes"  on my favorite stationary, Cath Kidston.
Love her papers, her colors, her polk a dots mixed with big cabbage roses and stripes.. .plus, the birdies.  Good, colorful paper is like being a kid in a candy store.  With all the colorful swirls and stripes of candy, paper is the same way, but wayyyy better.  Paper allows one to tell a story, to express their love, their gratitude, their novels, their hopes, their fears, their dreams.  Writing is a favorite of mine and even though so much is typed out on the good ole computer,  I still love the old fashioned part of paper. I love the feel of it, the freshness, the big, white, journal sheets ( with no lines) that greet me every morning. Everything about paper is absolutely wonderful.



And with the paper love comes the birdie love.  Have been placing little bird stickers in my journal as the days pass during our "waiting time".  It's fun to use the stickers for happy thoughts of Rosie and the future of our little family of birds.  Cavallini& Co. is one amazing and creative company that make these tins of stickers and stamps and beautiful paper.  Somehow they just know what is beautiful and what people love.


And more stamps...Just discovered how much I love stamps!  Also use these in journal/ writing time.  Thanks Cath Kidston and Cavalinni and Co for putting more "sugar and spice" in the world of writing!  These companies have definitely swirled the love of paper, color, nature and art all together!

My Artist Boys


This past Sunday turned into a little art time here at the Robinson house.  Mike wanted to get out his watercolors so that inspired Sam to do the same.  Happiness is... watching my boys paint away a Sunday afternoon.

Sam had lots of fun creating all kinds of original art....From Star Wars to a pic of his little sister.  I love his way of viewing things... of seeing through "Sam eyes".  And I love love watching him create. Delights me! Wonder if that is a little glimpse into how God feels when we sees us create?

And here is the special painting of the day. He painted his little sister... Rosie.

So sweet... "Sam to Roseei"... love it and love my little artist!
And Mike painted well into the evening..... it was so calming to walk into the dining room/art studio. Music was playing softly, Mike quietly painting.... magical. Love to watch my hubby paint... there is something so sweet about it.  He is a very gifted artist. I am always impressed and in awe of what he creates. I love my artist hubby!
Beautiful beautiful... can you tell Mike loves to fly fish... this is his inspiration. I envision small watercolor paintings starting to pop up around our house.
Another beautiful watercolor he painted on Monday night.... "original by Michael Keith Robinson".  I told Mike we could have both our paintings in art shows. That would be perfect... husband and wife team. Husband: watercolorist. Wife: Whimsy-ist.  Now that the Olympics are over, I'm looking forward to quieter nights with my watercolorist husband humming to his music and happily, gently painting into the night.

A Box of Crayons


It really all starts with a pencil or a box of crayons and a big blank sheet of paper. Think that most artists begin their journey that way. Combine art materials with freedom, space and a love for drawing and one has an artist in the making. I am fascinated with how an artist becomes an artist. How one goes from coloring with crayons to publishing children's books, from drawing stick figures to painting portraits.  It is so exciting for me to read the "behind the scenes" about artist's lives... how they got started, who influenced them, what their studio looks like, etc.   So all that to say.... here is a new book( Artist to artist, 23 major illustrators talk to children about their art.) This type of books is kind of like chocolate to me... love it! When books like this come in the mail, I have to wait until that still, quiet time to open the pages and read. It's fun to get lost in books like this, to find out about illustrators, read their words about creativity, about their life and family and who impacted them in their early years with drawing and creating.  This past week, I found the perfect night to sit down, open this book and read page after page of different artist and how they "talked" about their art, their love, their "craft". One can feel the joy and glow from the artist as he or she tells about their adventure in their love of the three letter word.... art.

This is a page of one of the artists, Petra Mathers.  It is so fun because each page has a flip out of more illustrations and info about the artist. Some are self taught, some are schooled in the best art schools in the country.  Some love to travel and some are happy being in their farm house with snow all around.  Just depends on each artist.  I love reading about people's lives and seeing how we are all created differently, with various gifts and abilities and it is extra special to read about people's lives who love what they do. 

And studios....
What is it about looking at different artist's studios and the inspiration and energy that I get from just looking at one photo.  As each artist had several pages filled with photos and writing in this book, there was always a picture of them in their studio.  Some were organized and very clean and some were a total mess!  Yep, we are all so unique, so different and it is wonderful!    
Petra, the artist in the photo, looks so content at her drawing board.... reading, studying? I'm not sure what she is doing, but it looks like she is in her element.  Her window seat is filled with books and pillows  and her shelves are filled with colorful books.  Pure joy to me!  She is one who didn't start her "art life" until after her son was born.  She said she took drawing classes when she was young but didn't like them and felt embarrassed by her drawings. However, when her son was given a box of crayons, she said she couldn't resist "those glorious colors and started making pictures of castles and animals for his room."  It all started with a box of crayons!  And from there, she studied books about primitive painters around the world and loved their free expression and vision, unconcerned with rules.  She said, " I followed their example enthusiastically, without a goal, just for the fun of it." What inspiration.. what a story!  And that is only one out of many!

I could ramble on and on about each artist, it's beautiful to read their stories and take little parts of what they say and put it in my heart to remember.  For each one has their own voice and way of viewing life and sharing what they have learned on their journey in art.  Sometimes I wonder, what if everyone followed their "voice" and truly did what they love, what they were passionate about, what they were created to do?  First, I think we would have happier people. Second, we would have more people with grateful hearts, praising their Creator. And third, the world would be more beautiful.  Ok.. how did I go from this to that?....oh, well. Those are thoughts for the day!  Happy day to you!
ps. If you want to see more info about the book.  It is under "reading list" on the right hand side of this page.

Little Lamb


Blabla and Moopie ( you can see Moopie's arm and leg)  have a special painting to show you!  Little lambie painting was a sweet gift by Mary Mellon who is also the mom of Rushton ( who gave Rosie Blabla.. small world!)  Mary paints beautiful scenes of pastures with lambs and the paintings are so restful and peaceful that I just want to jump into one and run up the hills!  Thought Little Lambie painting will be so special for Rosie because she can always remember she is God's little lamb. 
Love this children's song that sings with the painting.

I am Jesus’ little lamb,
Ever glad at heart I am;
For my Shepherd gently guides me,
Knows my need, and well provides me,
Loves me every day the same,
Even calls me by my name.

Day by day, at home, away,
Jesus is my Staff and Stay.
When I hunger, Jesus feeds me,
Into pleasant pastures leads me;
When I thirst, He bids me go
Where the quiet waters flow.

Love reading this hymn and can't help but think of Rosie in Russia... She has no idea how her life is about to change and how she will hear about Jesus and His deep love for her.  So I'm praying and singing this song for Rosie while we are here and she is there.  Little Rosie... our little lamb.

Paper Bags and Doodles


It really is amazing how one.. no, make that two paper bags can inspire me for years and years! This Oilily bag and the one below are two treasured bags that I keep for inspiration.  The playfulness, color and total whimsy makes these bags move to high ranking status in my book!  I give these bags a gold medal in the land of bag making.  ( Can you tell I've been watching the Olympics?....yep, every night!.. but we fast forward through the "not so interesting parts" like Michael Phelps continuing to win gold.... no really, that is our favorite part of the night!)
Ok, so back to this exuberant color-filled art-ness! .... on to next bag.

These bags make me so happy... I can see parts of the world just by looking right here!  Yea for Oilily, yea for the pink and blue they have as the theme color.... oh, I love the happy scribbles and doodles.  Am still trying to think how I can make paintings with more mixed media... kind of like this bag, but more thick happy paint and all. Am in the process of painting Rosie's painting so that has been fun and I'm still wanting St. Basil's to have some mixed media in it.  The studio is now filled with lots of activity as that is my place to be every day.  Sam is at school and I'm home painting the day away and getting lots done!  Yea for August paint time!  

la la la la

Deck the Halls... with lots of art! Not Christmas, but it felt like Christmas at the Rosemary art show.
Domi is an artist that I have always admired. Have loved her curvy buildings and the flair, color and passion she puts into her paintings.  Usually, her art sells for over $1,000 but the art show was my lucky day! She had some things of hers in the back of the tent that she was just trying to get rid of so she was knocking down prices.  It was so much fun to pick out some Domi art! yipee! My mom bought a pretty flowery one and then I bought the big one in the middle. It has the Versace house on the left and lots of whimsy buildings on the right... ( Rosemary type houses). The painting is called, "Florida Explosion" and mom bought the two on the side for Mike, Sam and I.... so sweet of her!  The painting on the left has Domi's grandmother's recipe ( shrimp paella) written on the bottom of it... so clever! Now we all have Domi art and I have been playing around in the house and trying to find the perfect place for each one.  Each piece will probably change places a few times but that is the way it is with our house... paintings don't stay long in one place, they bop around and move around time to time.  I think the paintings like the different views, different wall colors,etc.  For now, one is in the kitchen area on a yellow wall, one in the hallway to the kitchen on a creme colored wall that has straw mixed in and then one in the sunroom on a yellow wall. Yipee for fresh happy new art!