Summer is HERE!


We're back from the beach and Nashville art show.... so here are some snippets of the past flurry of happy days!

First...Neighborhood party to celebrate summer and the end of school! No more homework!Yea!

Camp fire and smores with all the neighbor kids.... great way to start the season!

Off to the beach for the Robinson family reunion!   Sam with his little sis and his "best buddy forever"... his cousin Ben.

The cousins LOVE each other! And Rosie loves her purple sunglasses.

I think Rosie and Sam could live on the beach... just build a little sand house and they would be totally content with blue water, chasing the waves and building sandcastles... oh, and some snacks along the way!

Back at home.....
Recipe for fun times during summer 09:
Rosie:  Inside the house: fluffy shoes and pink tutus. Outside: add water and a $10 pool from Wal-Mart and she will be in happy land.
Sam:  Inside the house:  Legos and play mobile... wii fun times.  Outside: Popsicles, playing with friends, light saber battles and games.... and Sam will be in his own happy land as well!


And of course imagination and dreaming are all part of the sugar and spice of summer too!

Happy summer days to everyone!

(I'll be taking  some breaks from blogging... but will add a dose of "this and that" during these blue sky days!