B is for Bowling!


Bowling night with friends!  Lots of fun, lots of laughter, lots of energized kids speeding around the bowling alley and afterwards, the pizza place!


Love this photo!  Sam is pretending to cry, but not sure if someone( Laney) believes him.  Capturing expressions are really priceless.


Notice the glow in the dark orange shoes and the bowling ball that looks like a neon pumpkin! Sam is going for a spare!


I think a bowling alley has it's own culture.  It has a fun vibe in the air and everyone is smiling and laughing....it's like walking into a different land.... one hears the clicking of balls, little hoots of  cheers; one sees children playing as well as seasoned professionals. And of course, there is the food.. which could go either way.  But I love the atmosphere... well, most of the atmosphere.  It's kind of like going to a fair.  Can I really compare it to a fair?  Bowling alleys and fairs do sell soft pretzels.  So that is a plus for both.  I think the biggest reason why I love bowling is the childhood memories I have from going with my family.  I remember when we lived in Sioux City, Iowa,  we had a great place to bowl. It was definitely an exciting night for my brother and I if we went bowling. We would drive into town and park by the big old brick building that used to be a stockyard.  Every floor in this old brick building had different activities on it. One floor a movie theater, the next, a bowling alley, etc. ( I just remember the bowling alley and movie theater). What I remember vividly is buying cotton candy, holding it upside down, and watching it disappear.  I was pretty sad over that!  But learned some lessons about sugar and physics or would that be chemistry???


Sweet Ford bowling a.... strike!

Looks like Laney is holding a big pumpkin..... so fun to watch mother/ daughter  (Amy and Laney) bowling together and love the colorful atmosphere in the background... balloons and smiles all around.  Yep, a bowling night is a great choice for a night of festive fun!

Olympic Cheer!


Olympics are here and we were cheering on the US this weekend!  Mike and I love watching all the countries gather together for these few weeks and oh, did you see the swimming last night?  We were both cheering and celebrating when the men's relay won the gold.  Love watching the medal ceremonies, love the victories, the stories of the athletes and all the different events. It inspires me to go outside and run around the neighborhood! Sam made an olympic flag at school and taped it onto a yard stick so we have an official flag to wave around.  Now we need some American flags to wave around as well. Looking forward to more events... definitely gymnastics.  It has always been my favorite.... think it became my all time favorite when Mary Lou Retton won her gold.  I remember that night sitting with my family and watching her bounce down and score a perfect 10.  Right after that, I wanted to be a gymnast!   Three cheers for the Olympics and for the USA!