Pink Fairy Rosie

IMG_5264Inspiration.... right in front of me!  Little Rosie and her fun tutu fairy outfit ( just couldn't resist this sweet little dress with wings!) Today was our first day to run errands ( some how the errands turned into buying some little things for Rosie... how did that happen??)  I was wondering how the day would go... fluttering to this store and then to that store,  but she was an angel...just admiring and smiling and eating her cheerios. Either we are in the "honeymoon" stage with Rosie or maybe she really is this sweet!  She is pure sugar and spice and everything nice!

So here is what little Rose was up to today ( while practicing her fairy life).

Being her mother's inspiration....

Hanging out on the porch with big bro...

 Eating her cheeze it's in the purple plastic bowl...

Wearing her new jeweled tiara...

Spinning in the basket...

Practicing her fairy pose...

Happily playing...

And all this love and joy makes mommy bird sing, sing, sing.

Tea Time

It's official... we love tea time at our house!  Even Sam joined in on the fun! We just received this precious tea set from 2 good friends, Amy and Rushton...thank you!  We love it! 

Sam pouring his little sis some tea..... yes, Sam is secretly enjoying all this frilly girl stuff!  But tea time can be for boys too... right?:)

Notice the food choices.  Cookie dough ice cream for Sam and I... but Rosie, nope, she is just not into ice cream.  She opted for pears instead.  Wow, she is a healthy eater and an organizer... she will be great example for our family!

She loves her tea set.... in fact, she just brought me a cup of tea!


And those sparkly sweet falling in love with her more and more each day. Her little personality is so much fun! We are all having an amazing time discovering the delights of Rosie.... she is absolutely wonderful!

Art, Tea and Tutu's

We've had a great time this weekend with our parents here!  It is so much fun to watch Rosie's little personality come out and see what she is all about.  She is adjusting really well to her new and bright surroundings.  And of course, we're having a super time dressing her up in her fun and colorful outfits!
Yes, the yarn hair hat pops on Rosie's head often.  She actually left it on her head for a while... maybe she'll keep it on for her Halloween costume!

Sweet Rosie!

Pure whimsy!

Ted ( aka Da) just started a drawing class and we captured a bit of his "art" in action.  The future Norman Rockwell!

Patty ( GeeGee) and Sam hanging out in the backyard.

Rosie loves her Paris tea set.  She carries around her little teacup and saucer and pretends she is sipping her tea.  Oh, frolicky tea parties will be here soon!  So, guess we need to put on some tutu's as well....
Rosie getting ready to go to work with daddy and meet more new friends!

Happy tutu girl!

BLISS.... tutu, striped tights, pink and red..... weave it all together and you have one whimsy little girl!

Happy Fall day to all!

We're Flying!

We are the air.... up up and away!!! All the way to Moscow and then on to Kras!! ( 17 hours in the air!) But while we are in flight and before we arrive and get to a computer, ( also, I'm sure I'll have my beloved guest blogger on here when we arrive in Kras) I wanted to share with you the last bit of finishing up Rosie's room.  I just didn't have the days to get everything on the blog.. so here is the secret amoire!
Here is the before pic..... yes, quite junky and not too pretty....


Here we are with this pretty amoire that has an inside disaster.

But with some paint and a little imagination,  it is now Rosie's special and delight-filled armoire!


Loved painting this and also writing her theme verse from Isaiah 51:3, "Joy and Gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing." I have been praying that verse for Rosie for over 2 years and writing it down in my journal through this journey of adoption.  It is very very special and the rich part of this passage is actually what comes before the "joy and gladness".



What comes before is:

"The Lord will surely comfort Zion and will look with compassion on all her ruins; he will make her deserts like Eden, her wastelands like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing."

So beautiful because of the life that God is bringing us and the life that God is bringing Rosie. Rosie has not had an easy first two years and I'm filled up with such thankfulness in the promise that God does restore and redeem life. He restores and then the singing comes... he redeems.. and joy arrives. He loves to make deserts of our lives into Edens... and wastelands into gardens.  Beautiful.... beautiful.  And I was just thinking how this armoire is a perfect picture of the inside of our lives without Christ ( the darkness and junk) and the inside of our lives with Christ (joyful and sparkling bright!) It can also be a beautiful picture of how we view trials in our life.  Six years ago when I was diagnosed with the rare blood condition and found out that I could never have children of my own, I could have chosen to live in the dark armoire, bitter... angry. But instead, Mike and I said, "well, this is pretty clear that we are going to adopt, now the question is where?" So for many nights, we sat in our hot tub outside on our back deck, looked up into the sky and talked about countries and prayed through where God was leading us to adopt.  And he led us half way around the world to Sam. And now he is leading us to Rosie.  I am thankful to have this blood condition because without it, I would not have these precious people in my life. The love I have for my dear Sam goes all the way around the world and back and through the universe and I can't wait to love Rosie that same way and find out about the little person that she is.

God is good... very good. So, even when we are staring at a dark "armoire"... we can always remember that God can turn that wasteland into His garden, the desert into Eden. How beautiful is that promise!

My heart is filled with such glee...we will be seeing Rosie soon and singing to her, laughing with her and playing with her!.

Happy day to you all!  We'll touch base soon when we get to the other side of the world! 

Passports and Pink Coat

Yipeee! A beautiful fed ex package landed at our door step today.  It is something that we have been waiting for and sooo thankful and happy we have it now.  Because our Sam can now officially travel to Russia!! We received his Russian passport today! Yipeeeee!  Wow, things have been down to the wire, but day by day; it's exciting to see God work and how He is going before us and behind us on this trip of a lifetime.  Tomorrow we should receive our Visa's. Whew! Lots of official this and official that...I can't wait to get on that plane and sit down and just relax!  Hmmmm... need to check out the in flight movies so I can start getting prepared for 11 hours of sitting.

Oh, my heart is so thankful for all the prayers for our trip, for Sam's passport, for Rosie. Thank you all!  I do have another request... that we will all stay well and be extra healthy on the trip.  I am getting a sore throat and am taking some coldeze and hope it goes away tomorrow. Funny because I had one right before the last trip and then asked for people to pray for our health and my sore throat... and bam, sore throat went away!  Thank you all again for your prayers. We really do appreciate each and everyone!  

So on to the pink coat....!

It just snowed this past weekend in Kras so the temp is pretty chilly even in September.  We are packing warm stuff and gathering all hats, mittens, coats, etc. And I have had this picture in my mind of bringing Rosie out of the orphanage in a frolicky fun coat and have been looking around for one for the past few weeks.... just hoping that the perfect one would pop up and it did!  Yea for TJ Maxx!  This darling pink coat with white fluff collar and cuffs caught my eye instantly.  I was so happy to find it and now can picture Rosie in her warm cozy coat... and maybe she will be carrying the fairy wand as well.  Yes, this all is kind of magical! Kind of like a fairytale.....IMG_3266_2

And she can either wear the furry hood or the brown Rosie hat and mittens.  This coat will be very special because it  will take her from her old world to her new world.  I remember leaving the orphanage with Sam in his furry bear outfit. ( Wow, it seems a lifetime ago that we adopted Sam... was it only 5 years ago? I feel like we have had him forever)  Many memories wrapped up in that cozy outfit. And sure we'll be making many new ones with this pink and dreamy Rosie coat.

Countdown..... TWO more DAYS!

Travel House!


This is one of the cutest toy houses I have ever seen. A house made of felt... decorated with cut out flowers so bright and cheerful and a perfect little red heart on the front door.  I think Rosie will love her play house! Now the question is... what do you do with this house?

What goes inside?  Who will want to live in it?

Two guesses. One begins with M and the other with B. And the are fluffy and soft and oh so cute!!

Can you guess???


Moopie and BlaBla!!  They are very excited about traveling to Russia and meeting their new owner and friend, Rosie. And they love their new house! 

So off we go... in just THREE days!

Paris Fun!

How cute is this dress???? It's pure Parisian Frolick! You have the adventures of Paris plus moped and Poodle all placed on one very adorable dress!

Teresa ( a great friend from the college days) gave this whimsy fun dress to Rosie the other day.  Teresa and I got together and had lots of fun catching up on life and laughing about the old days.  It was inspiring to hear her talk about her 8th grade daughter and the sweet relationship they have even in the middle of the Junior High years. It's always refreshing talking to her.  Teresa and I spent several summers together with mission groups, so that is probably why it is so easy to pick up where we left off.  We spent the summer at the beach one year. I think it was 6 girls in one little motel room... crazy! And then, another year, we went to Tokyo, Japan with about 8 other college students. Now, that was quite an adventure!  We ate octopus pancakes( they sell them on the street like a hotdog vendor) and climbed Mount Fuji one night. Climbing that volcano was quite an experience. I'll never forget seeing the stars and how they covered the sky from one end of the horizon to the other. It seemed like the stars were not only above us, but below us as well.  An amazing sight... amazing memory.  Ok.. I think I am rambling. Probably should be talking about Paris instead of Tokyo.  But I can't talk about Teresa without talking about the Tokyo summer:)

This Paris dress is super FUN!  Thank you so much Teresa!
 ( Oh, I think that is MoMo riding on the back of the scooter!)

Countdown.....5 more days!!!!

Phone calls, PJ's, Bows and a Crown!

So much to write about!  There has been a flurry.... ( and that is a big understatement) in our little Robinson household. Making phone calls to Embassy and senators and state officials and all... and those phone calls were blessed in the sweetest of ways because Mike talked to a very kind lady at the Russian Embassy in DC. From the conversation, the embassy is able to process Sam's Russian passport and get it back to us early this upcoming week! yea!!!  I want to bake cupcakes and light candles... just to celebrate!!  Everything has been falling into place and it is definitely God's gift of his answer to many prayers.  Amazing how God works and how he teaches us patience and trust in him through these tight deadlines of life.  Thank you all for your prayers for Sam's passport. They were definitely felt and heard!

The land of "early Christmas" continues to bring much joy and laughter here at our house.  My dear friend, Amy, and her family gave Rosie such fun presents!  Rosie now has cupcake and polka dot pjs and cute kitty pjs!  It was so special to receive these because I was just in the store that sells the pjs and I saw them and wanted to buy them, but thought, "no, I need to restrain."  And then, 4 hours later, they were sweetly nestled among tissue paper and a polka dot box!  How wonderful!  Along with the "oh so cute and soft!" pjs,  Amy gave Rosie a glittering crown... another reminder of all those wonderful girl things like dress up and make believe!  Oh, can the day come soon enough where I get to see Rosie play make believe and put on fluffy dresses and crowns and little dainty fairy slippers?  Amy has 2 girls who are 2 and 3 years old ( who will soon be Rosie's new friends)  so she knows all about girl stuff and she gave a cute little brown hat and mittens and also the ever famous Barney video.  Wow, Barney, I forgot all about him, but he will be making his way into our house with all the song and dance of Barney land.  I had to remind Sam today( as we made our big trip to Target to get travel stuff), "Sam, you know that you will have to watch some "baby" shows with Rosie". I think Sam secretly likes some "baby" shows and it will be a trip down memory lane for him.:) Sam is also receiving gifts too and Ford ( Amy's son, who is also adopted from Russia) gave Sam a Star Wars coloring book and fun bag of travel stuff for the flight!  Thank you Whitson family for all the super fun gifts!
And look at the bows!!  Amy's sweet mom made all these bows!  It was so thoughtful of her and I can't wait to put them in Rosie's hair!!  Amy picked out the ribbon and thought about which colors could go with different dresses.  The black and white polka dot for the "Paris dress", the orange polka dot one for a Tennessee outfit, the pinks for all her pinky outfits. I could go on and on. To think that everyone of these bows were handmade by Amy's mom, each stitch and twist that went into making these bows is very special. Am overwhelmed by all the kindness that is overflowing to our little family.



And another precious gift that makes my heart sing!!  The dear Grinnell family gave Rosie these frolicky pink pjs and Rosie will be soo snuggly in these!  The Grinnell family was one of the first families I met when I worked at Covenant with the youth ministry. ( way back in 1993). I called them "my adopted family" since they lived in Bham and my parents were in Georgia, plus I was not married at the time so it was really special to have a family so warm and fun loving. They have 3 amazing children ( Ellen, Anne and David) that went through the youth ministry when I was there and are now all grown up and dear friends of ours. We have had many many wonderful memories through the year....Trips to Mexico, Belize, the beach, Sandtown, Colorado.... am smiling just thinking about all those fun times we had!

So when I pick out these pjs for Rosie to wear, I can tell her about the Grinnell family and how special they are. I'll point to the little bird on her pjs and share with her how we prayed for her over many years and called her "birdie". She will definitely have sweet sing song dreams in these soft pjs.  I think she'll dream about birds and apple trees.  And in the pjs from the Whitson family, she'll dream about baking cupcakes and playing with kittens. And as she wears those pjs, I can tell her what precious friends the Whitsons are to us.  Gifts are so special in that way because they tell a story.  There is a special story wrapped in each gift, because there are dear friends and family behind each present.  And as our Rosie is now only a couple of weeks away from entering an entire new world, my prayer is that she will see and feel the love that went before her and surrounds her even now and into the future.

The countdown:  6 more days until we fly to Rosie land!  Suitcases are now being packed and safety locks are being put on the cabinet doors ( even as I write). We are booking our tickets today ( have them on hold for 48 hours) and hope to hear "official word" of our courtdate this upcoming Monday! yipee!

The Countdown Begins!


This little Russian girl ( aka Rosie leaving the orphanage) was so much fun to embroider this past weekend.  To make French knot polka dots and fuzzy boots and hat was bliss. There is something so energizing yet relaxing about getting a needle and thread out.  Now I want to sew little girls with all types of  frolicky outfits.  Maybe have theme outfits ...  "A weekend in Paris",  "A day at the zoo",   "Picnic time", "Campfires and marshmellows".  Oh, the list could go on and on. But I don't know why I am babbling about that because I have very very exciting news!!!  Are you ready???

Yesterday, we found out that we have an "unofficial court date"!!  YIPPPPPPEEEEE! When I read the email about the court date, I thought... oh my, oh my.... the court date has finally come!!!!... and then I scrolled fast and furious down the email to the date set. When would it be? When are we leaving???? We are LEAVING IN TEN DAYS!!   PURE EXCITEMENT IN THE HOUSE! Sam and I were running around saying, "we're going to get Rosie, we're going to get Rosie!"
So, my mind is racing and I am in the mode of "pinch me, is this all real!?" Are we really leaving in 10 days??? The Russian office said to get plane tix on hold until we are a definite "official".  Hope to hear soon on that note!  Our court date is set for September 23! WOW!!!  So we will be leaving Friday, September 19 and will hopefully return on Saturday, October 11 or on the 14. We're hoping for the 11th!
Three weeks in Russia is flying our way!! And we will be official parents of sweet precious Rosie on September 23 if all goes as planned! I am in happy mode and excited mode and can't wait to jump on that plane bound to Russia and hold our dear Rosie and finally have her as our daughter... our sweet little girl, God's precious gift!


And with God's precious gift of Rosie, comes many adventures of creating some fun girl outfits... I had this red corduroy jumper and thought it would be cute to put a "wee wonderful" design on it.  So, the embroidered Rosie is now happily on the jumper!  Yipee!

It's been such a special time preparing for Rosie and getting all her girly stuff ready. My heart is continually and daily filled with gratitude for all the love and support and encouragement and prayer from our dear family and friends. Thank you all so much for walking this "Rosie Road" with us... .it has been absolutely amazing to see God work in his timing and his perfect ways. And speaking of timing and perfect ways... we have a prayer request for Sam's passports.

His passport is in New Orleans and we hope to get it ASAP...... we had a few extra days added to the processing because of the hurricane.  But our BIG BIG prayer is that we will be able to renew his Russian passport. We didn't know until today that we have to have a Russian passport for him as well as US passport and the place that processes Russian passports is in Houston, TX.  Now there is a hurricane heading to Texas so our prayer is "hurricane, go away" and that all this passport stuff will happen soon... very soon.  I sooo want Sam to go with us and see his heritage, the land where he was born, and have dreamed about that special moment of him meeting his sister for the first time. Plus, he is sooo excited about going to Russia. Today, I had to just step back a little and give all this over to God.  Remembering the ever so perfect verse, "Be anxious for nothing, but in all things, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." That is my theme verse for the week!  

Thanks so much for your prayers!   We'll keep you updated, but for now, we are on a major countdown!!