Rosie's Room


A peek into Rosie's room!  We had a great weekend of cleaning and organizing and getting Rosie's room ready for her. It was so much fun to work together as a little family. Sam loved getting the room ready for her as well and thought of special things like a night light for Rosie and a step stool.  He is going to be a great big brother! When I was tucking Sam in bed, he prayed, " I pray that we will get Rosie really really soon and that all the orphans will find a mommy and daddy."  My heart melted when his small little voice prayed such a tender and big prayer.


Rosie's room has been "in the making" for a long time. We had the room almost ready about 2 years ago and then Russia shut down adoption making the time drag on longer.  But we finally have the room almost completed! Rosie may have sensory overload since there is sooo much going on in her room!  It has many different themes to it. One theme is Paris with a French map and an Eiffel tower lamp.  Ballerina tutus thrown in for a soft, airy fairy look.


Another theme is roses... since her name is Rose ( Rosie),the whimsical rose rug is absolutely perfect! After looking around the room, I realized how much I love patterns and I don't like things to match too perfect.. it's fun to be whimsical and playful with a girl's room! Love the blue lamp beside the checkered rocker... the lamp is one that my mom had back in the day. ( from the 60's or 70's?)


And the crib... Above the crib, I am going to hang the St. Basil's painting. Oh, can't wait to get that finished and hung above her bed!  The Russian Matryoshka dolls are beside the crib right now but will find a new spot once the painting is hung. ( the quilt is an old old one from my mom's side of the family).. need to ask my mom about the details of it.  The fabrics in the quilt are so beautiful!

Eiffel lamp on dresser ( the dresser and the pretty curvy mirror is a flea market find by my dear mom). Thank you mom! Also on dresser is the Rosemary painting that sweet and talented Abby made for me. It goes perfect with Rosie's room and the whimsy house that Terri made is in Rosie's room as well! Thank you Abby and Terri!


And the armoire ( flea market find years ago... when Mike and I were newlyweds) I'm pretty sure my mom found it for us. She is the best furniture finder ever!  Have fun plans for this armoire! Inside it is just brown and dark, so I am going to lighten up the inside with a soft pink and also paint Rosie's special verse and a dress ( made of sheet music) on the inside door. Love secret surprises and paintings and quotes in places that one doesn't expect to see!


And another theme going on in Rosie's room is the birdie theme.  This little sign is so cute and sweet and is perfect for her room... "Every birdie welcome".  All of Rosie's little birdie friends are welcome anytime!

Paris, Roses, Russia and Birdies... those are the themes of Rosie's color filled, whimsical room!

It has been very exciting getting things ready for her and with the organization of the weekend, I put all the sweet girl books in her bookcase and oh, that is another thing to share on another day.  There are so many favorite books that I love and can't wait to read to Rosie.  There are fairy books, the "Little House, Anne of Green Gables, Pippi, Ms. Rumphius, and the list goes on and on! Stay tuned!