In the Woods

So what would a perfect 24 hours be for 6 year olds?  I think this may be it.....

Camping:  Pure. simple. outdoors. fun. campfire. cold. hotdogs. smores. running. yelling. playing. jumping.
Being a boy and loving it.

Sam and Mike went camping for about 24 hours with our good friends, Ford and his dad, Tyler.  ( The girls stayed home and headed to the mall for warmth, Chik fil a and a carousel ride.)
Despite the freezing weather, the boys all had a blast and they didn't even complain about being cold. I'm afraid I would have had to say "I'm coooolddd." at least once, or maybe twice....

Gotta love the snow man pjs.

Breakfast of Ramen noodles???


Down the hiking path.

Two best buds on to another adventure.
One very special thing they have in common.....
They are both from Russia.... now that is pretty great!