Art Camp HAPPY


The Sparkle Fairies ( about to bring some sparkle to the girls and some glitter.. in a fun skit!)


Line dance to "Frozen". :)))


Cupcake snack time!


A sweet camper note:)


My dear helpers,  Terri, Abby, Reagan, Annabella and my mom. ( Liliana is not pictured.. where are you Liliana?)






Design before the paint!



Whimsy Girl booklets  and verse cards to take home.

Happy Happy Art Camp in Birmingham, Alabama this week!   Each year I always wonder how art camp will go and look forward to meeting the sweet girls.  I love watching  their artsy minds fill up canvases with great color combinations and whimsy.  Girls in elementary school, middle school and high school are still FREE from following the "correct color scheme" that somehow our society places on the adult population.  The girls just go with their heart in color and design and that is what I LOVE! 

This year was extra special because I had extra ordinary helpers! They came from 4 states! ..Georgia, Florida, Texas and Alabama.:)

My dear mom, who is an artist too.... art minor in college and also an art teacher for a few years is also an amazing list maker, encourager and organizational helper! She was wonderful to have again for the 2nd year in a row!  For being 71 years old, she has so much energy and still buzzes around with the girls in encouraging and helping them, sharing in devotion time and then washing out all the paint brushes and tidying up the room. Thank you mom for bringing sparkle to camp!   I will always cherish our time together!

And I had friends fly in from Texas to help with the camp as well!  Terri Hinojosa ( the creator of and her daughter were great helpers.  Abby and Terri both brought such sparkle as they led devotions and helped with the girls by encouraging them, helping them with their paintings, dancing with them and creating a fun whimsy snack table too!  Terri and Abby shared about sparkling out for Jesus and using our gifts to shine out for God and to also help others as well.

It was also so fun to have my best friend from high school's daughter come out and help with camp.  Reagan came with sunshine form the 30-A  and was such a gift! Loved getting to know her better and also see how she connected with the girls.  She brought  her sparkle to camp in helping out, cleaning up afterwards, being in the skit as a sparkle fairy and just shining out exactly how God made her...which is wonderful!

And last but not least, my sweet neighbor girls helped out as well! Liliana and Annabella were so great with helping the girls paint and bringing encouragement.  Liliana made macarons for the last day  and the sisters were wonderful in helping in washing out brushes, filling up paint plates and bringing their sweet sparkle.

I couldn't do this camp without my sweet friends and my mom so thank you thank you!  You added so much God filled light to camp! 

And the campers were amazing with what they created.  I am always inspired with what they draw, design, dream up in their hearts and then place on canvas.  It is truly a gift for me to see the creations! Camp is one of those weeks that require so much energy but it's all worth it in the long run because I want the girls to see how creating is something they can do for a lifetime.  They can draw, paint, bake, dance for the rest of their life.  It doesn't have to be a full time career, but just something that makes them happy.  Some girls emailed me after and told me how they are already planning out what they want to paint next and how they are turning a little space of their home into their little art studio. I love inspiring girls to paint and create and also see that God is the one who has given them talent and gifts on this earth and to use for His glory:)

I definitely felt God's smile on this camp and will cherish these past few days.  The smiles on the girl's faces are priceless as they walk away from camp,  arms filled with happy paintings and minds filled with what they will create next!


Thank you campers and volunteers for being a part of art camp! Blessings over all the art and God filled girls out there in the world.  May you keep creating, keep dreaming and stay close to the most amazing CREATOR of all..... our God who loves us so much!