Art Camp 2013!

ART CAMP!  So fun today!! This year my mom is helping me and it's such a joy to have her!   Thank you mom! Since she was a fine arts minor in college and artist too and a teacher for many years, it's very special to have her be a part of camp and help with all the details:)  Such joy today in my studio...and love love seeing what the girls create... it's amazing! Can't wait to share pictures of their paintings tomorrow!

Getting ready for camp! yea!!

Session one camp!  Love the younger groups excitement and imagination!  You could almost see the BUZZ in the air of creativity!

My wonderul helper and neighbor Annabella! She has been helping with my art camps for several years now:)


We have some Matisse artists in the camp! I'll show you their creations soon!




2nd session camp today was so fun too!  Amazing how focused they were on their art and what amazing flower bouquets  they created!




The cousins painting..... yea!!


A day filled with smiles and whimsy, bright colors and happiness and beauty!   When I sit back and think of God's gift in giving us the ability to create... it makes me smile.  Our verse for today was Matthew 5:14... " You are here to be light, bringing out the God colors in this world."

And that is exactly what these girls did... they brought out the God colors in this world... and it was....

beautiful!  More God -colors to come tomorrow!  See you then!