Valentine Whimsy Girl Club!










Oh it feels great with the sun shining again and the sun decided to pop out on Valentine's day which made it extra wonderful!

  And another extra wonderful on Valentine's day was having Whimsy Girl Club! It was our first official meeting for 2013 and we will have one every month now.... ( already excited about the March one and what the theme will be! )  For this Valentine Girl's Club, we had a devotion on being God's little Valentine and then read a beautiful story written by Abby who is in Jr. High and lives in Texas.  For our craft time together, we made Valentine cards for our neighbor who has been sick and the girls had so much fun designing, drawing  and making their own unique card! We decorated cupcakes and then walked across the street with girls carrying their cards and flowers and cupcakes to give to our sweet neighbor. It was a full and happy day!  Always adds more sunshine when giving to others and that is one of the main parts of Whimsy Girl Club... seeing the beauty in giving.  Also, if you want to see more fun pics of Whimsy Girl clubs in Texas... go to Glittered Nest.   Terri started Whimsy Girl Club in Austin, Texas and now there are more clubs expanding!  It's a beautiful ministry that involves crafts, arts, baking and learning more about the sparkle in being God's daughter. 

Hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day.... Pippa found her little Valentine ( pic above):)

Happy Friday!