Easter People



With little gifts of blue sky days and sunshine beaming down, I am getting more and more excited about spring!

I plan on having picnics with the kids and being outdoors as much as possible.  Can't wait to get little zinnia seeds in the ground so I guess it's time to start dreaming about what will be in the garden! 

With all this spring talk... there is something exciting I want to invite you to. During the time of Lent, ( starts next week... February 13) I am joining friends in making something small everyday during the 40 days of Lent.  Would love for you to join me in this...you can take a photo a day, bake something, write a song, paint or draw a picture, dance, write a poem... the skies the limit!  You can go to facebook and look under Easter People and it will give more detail of the 40 day journey of creating.  We will read through a lent devotional online every day and then create from that certain Scripture per day.  I can't wait and am really excited to see what everyone will be creating!

Thinking of Lent.... and thinking of painting or drawing each day as worship and as preparing my heart for Easter makes this spring jump out with even more color! I'm also going to have my kids come alongside me and create too so we will see what the little Robinson house will make.  Not sure if I'll get the kids to do EVERY day.. but even some of the time will be special.   Let me know if you want to join and I can give you info about the Easter People too!