Girl Weekend: Part II


Part II of Girl Weekend:  A day of painting and playing. 

( Let me first say that this weekend was an unexpected gift.... not every weekend is like this.) A week ago...most of our family received that lovely virus called the stomach bug and then recovering and then trying to get back to routine and then gray days and then knowing Mike and Sam would be away for weekend... I wasn't really sure what to expect with the girls.  I had low expectations... but it turned out to be one of those sweet weekends I'll always remember.)

Sunday: Girls and I head to the studio in daddy's car.  On Friday,  I really wasn't thrilled about driving his 300,000 Mile... 1989 old clunker... ( oh, I mean cool car!)  but after a few miles here and there and watching the odometer hit 300,000, I started really liking the ole car  In fact, on Sunday I realized I will be sad when we have to say, "goodbye" to it.


Little artists at work... loved watching Pippa's color combinations.



Little artist Rosie and her bike that she painted a few weeks ago.  I love her color and style. Love her view on life! Pink house and neon pink ponytail!



With the weekend of all girl stuff, I started a painting inspired by Rosie and Pippa and then Pippa came over and started painting the bottom or the piece. It was fun to see her busily at work and also extra special knowing that Pippa's little hands had a part in this painting.


My studio is in an old historical school and the windows overlook the elementary school's playground. So it's perfect on weekends with the kids because we have the entire playground to ourselves! And it was absolutely wonderful to spend time out there this past weekend with blue sky and sunshine.  How I have missed that vitamin D! 




A new addition to my paintings: Little helpers at the bottom of the painting.  Our girl weekend was really sweet and I felt like we were just in our own "girl cloud/ cocoon" from Friday night through Sunday afternoon.   We watched girl movies, ate girl food, listened to girl music, painted with lots of pink, read girl stories and just enjoyed being all girl. 

The best part was there was no agenda and no place to be but right there with my two girls.

It was a beautiful weekend:)