Girl Weekend: Part I





It has been  "Girl's Weekend"  here at the Robinson house.  Boys were in Atlanta and we girls were here in the Ham.

So what do girls do when boys are away? Let's see.... we do  fun Girl stuff!

Fun #1":  Drawing Girls" night.

Rosie, Pippa and I... started a tradition and I think it may stick.  Rosie loves to draw and Pippa loves to do anything Rosie wants to do.  Rosie asked after dinner, " Mommy, can we "draw girls" tonight?  Honestly, I was secretly hoping I could get them to bed early so I could just sit on my fluffy bed and have my own movie, mommy time.  But of course, drawing girls is one of my favorite things to do and with my own daughters it's even more fun.  So we piled on the bed and spent a magical night of drawing girls... the first night was lollipop girl, wedding girls, princess girls for Rosie and for Pippa, she wanted me to draw ".... beeebbbies".. yep.. babies! She loves all things baby and even pretends like she is one half of the time:) 

Night number two... .we gathered on the bed again and ballerina girls were the theme along with ice skating girls.  Pippa wanted...."Beeebbbies."  So I drew ballerina babies. 

And a "first" happened this past weekend.... Rosie wanted me to actually teach her step by step how to draw.  Usually I love just to watch her create her own unique girl. But to sit there with her, side by side and going step by step in drawing and then watching her intricately make her own ballerina girl was magic.  These moments are the ones I want to hold on to and remember and make more of .  I have two little artists who make my heart sing. Pippa was drawing true circles... wow.. that was a new too for the weekend. And I love how Pippa takes in all the words and drawing that Rosie and I are doing. 

These nights feel like the celing over my bed (where the girls and I are creating and talking and drawing) has bright pastel candy falling down and floating around.  Yes, it's that kind of happy night.

Oh, may my heart be still enough to capture more of these moments with my girls.

Tune in next time for Fun #2 with "Girl Weekend".