Sister Love


( Rosemary Beach: Thanksgiving, right after the Santa Breakfast)

Sister Love:

Seeing these two bond together the past few months has been a highlight for me. I love love seeing them playing dolls, playing house and store,  making bead necklaces or just sitting together and drawing.   Since I never had a sister, it's fun to watch Pippa and Rosie navigate this world of sisterhood.... in the sharing, the not sharing, the dress up and laughter, the sharing and not sharing again, the giggles and smiles and laughter again. Watching these two girls who are now sisters grow to learn more about each other and love each other is....amazing.


Hot chocolate time!


Pippa winning her first game of Uno:)


Hello Kitty hat girls:)



Love this picture... I said, "Girls, show me your fingernails." ..... and Pippa held  them up backwards but she was showing them to herself:) so funny!

Love these girls and their fun little mannerisms. It's a gift to be their mommy:) Thank you Pippa and Rosie for being exactly how God created you!!.... absolutely wonderful!!