Pippa Sweet!


Looking back through pics of Pippa, it seems like we have had her for way more than 10 months!

She has added so much more sparkle and sunshine and joy into our lives and each day I am thankful for this little one who even a year ago was living in an orphanage half way around the world.


Oh these cheeks! They makes Mike and I smile every day!  It's like these cheeks have their own personality.... I was trying to get a close up of her face and I was laughing while taking the pics because Pippa really didn't know what I was up to.


Yes, sweet Pippa, I was taking side angle pics of your sweet cheeks!




And yes, these are Christmas photos, but had to share them.  I so love this dress that my Aunt Eileen sent to Pippa. It's perfectly perfect in every way and Pippa loves it too! She feels very fancy in it and Pippa loves to do little poses when she feels fancy!

Oh, me oh my, dear Pips... you are living out your Chinese name: Anyi- Joy and Peace!