Snow Happy Snow










Happy Happy Snow Day!

Wow, what a fun and magical few hours we had here on the Bluff in Birmingham!  The snow started around noon and then continued all afternoon and it turned our little area into a winter wonderland.  Loved watching Pippa experience her FIRST snow!  She loved it and loved making snowballs and riding a little ways on the sled.  But she did not like getting hit with a snowball by her big sis and bro:) 

The day was spent playing outside, drinking hot chocolate and just watching the snow come down.  The crazy part was that the streets started collecting snow and slush and the cars could not make it up the street in front of our house and cars were sliding down the street as well. But thankful no wrecks just slow going cars and some people just parked their cars and started walking home. Only in Alabama do we have funny snow days like the one we had and so happy that we were able to be in a magical snow globe setting for a few hours. It was a memory we will always cherish!

Here we are in January.... and it's even getting toward the end of the month- where do the days go?  I love winter and the hibernating type way of living.  Love fire light and candles and cold weather.  Wish we could have more snow because the quiet of snow is something that is so unique and special and we don't have that snow type of quiet very often.  So dreaming of another snow day and we still have some more winter to go through this year!

I'm semi late in this wish of the new year but it's still January so I wish you all a happy sparkly filled new 2013!  May you see God's smile and His love over you this year!