Twinkle Light- Jesus Light








( Theme of pictures...Light...... Believe and LOVE ( Rosie sewed this little felt heart.... she made it in school today)

The days turn to evening so early.....and with the darkness, there is a need to place twinkle lights everywhere.  I think I'd have them hanging and twisted around every tree outside if I could and inside I love to place twinkle lights everywhere... colored lights... white lights.... strung topsy turvy... around windows and just makes me happy and boosts my spirit!

So if you are having one of those days that just need a boost to your spirit..... try this:

play some music that you love love ( I love everything from classical to Amy Grant to Bing to Sufjan to Sugarland) 

light candles that smell happy... ( oh, the sugar cookie candles at Target are soo good!)

string up lights in places that may seem silly!

Drink something fun:)  Tea, coffee, champagne, sparkle water, ginger-ale, hot chocolate... and it always tastes  better in a fancy frolic glass!

Sometimes I think to myself,  "Does it seem that these days get darker and longer than when I was a child?" Maybe it's just being older and more in tune to the rhythm of seasons and more sensitive to the light of days and dark of  nights?

And with the light being short these days of December.... these days of advent....The full reason why this whole entire world fights the darkness and goes into TWINKLE LIGHT LAND....

Is        J  E S  U S.  

People may not know what they are doing when they string up lights everywhere... but it's a reminder of the one true LIGHT who came into this world as a baby.



HE will always be THE LIGHT.

HE gives us HOPE and LOVE and LIFE.

And that is why I want my home to SING for God with all it's candles and lights and fire glow... and music. But it doesn't just all magically pop up every day in our house... it is a constant prayer to remember... to remember.. what matters.

Because on the other side of things.. behind the candles and the fire chaos at times... and crazy busy days with one thing to the next.

Our family has already dealt with....  sickness this season... ( pink eye) and some sore throats...  we have been busy when I want to be slow...... and quiet.    There are teary eyes from the kids when things dont' go the way they want...

my happy list of all these "crafts" I want to do... kind of flies out the window.

there are tears from my own eyes when I see brokeness and loss around me.

I have felt overhwhelmed more than once or twice... or three times....

our washing machine has been broken since Thanksgiving.. and we are still waiting on the new one.  And the "lists" of things to do are still not checked off...

but then a soft slow down.... to remember.... all the goodness..... and remember

This is about Jesus.... These days are Jesus Days.... The one time of the year that we countdown to HIS BIRTH into this world!

As day brings the night time in....I welcome it.. turn on the lights.... and  sit by the fire... and sit in quiet..... in the glow of light....

And I play the song in my head that I so love .. the one Vince Gill sings... "Give me Jesus". And I pray that my days will start like this....

"In the morning when I rise... in the morning, when I rise... in the morning when I rise..

Give me Jesus"

So that is what my little theme song is for this advent... the waiting... the celebration....

Give me Jesus.

Happy days of celebrating..... may you see Jesus and His love in beautiful ways this season of advent ... this season of of the Jesus twinkle lights.