Back to Blog land!  Still figuring out new computer, but wanted to post some new photos of what has been going over on the bluff in Alabama.

( oh... also, I know it's DECEMBER.... yipeee!!) I love this time of the year!!  But I did put in October pics on this post because of being so behind.  But Christmas frolic will soon be on there as well!


Painting away in studio this fall... bikes, flowers, girls and dresses:)


Girls of all sizes and personalities:)




And now on to fun kid stuff!   October: making our annual pumpkin patch trip and love this pic of Pip peeping through the cut out.  I think she's wondering.. "What is this?"


Our family of 5 and 3 kids.... wow! It has been full and wonderful and chaotic and each day is a new adventure of some sort!  I'm still learning how to get streamlined with 3 kids... ( aka to get rid of clutter and organize... but my art brain has a hard time with all that :)


And there is pumpkin Pippa! 

My heart smiles just taking time to sit back in quiet tonight and look at pictures of our little one from China.  My how she has grown so much. In fact, Mike and I were just talking about how it seems like she is changing and growing over night!   I can't believe our Pippa is 3 and HALF and will be 4 this spring!   She is a delight and still a firecracker... she makes us all laugh at least once a day. And then there are the moments of chaos and crying from the girl "land" of the house.  And I think Mike and Sam just want to go and watch football and forget the drama of girl land. But it's here and the guys are outnumbered.  :)  But they get their boy time in and we, girls, get our frolick and nail polish time in as well:)

Oh, seems like there is so much to share with all that is going on this fall.  More pics to share this week.  I need to cover Thanksgiving and then can get to the sparkles of Christmas time and advent. 

December ONE.... we welcome you with open arms. 

My goal for December... my prayer as well:

slow down.....and enjoy the days..... how they can rush by so fast.  Many things to do these next few weeks... but I want to remember the moments.... and carry a still heart and a light hearted one as well:)

Happy December to you!