November... to December...









What magic at the beach this November..... Rosie learned how to ride her bike and Pippa celebrated her first Thanksgiving!  The days at the beach were such a treat... more than ever before.   I feel like each time I drive over the bridge and see the water, all the worries and stresses of life kind of melt away and then it's as if you enter a different land with different time.... less hurried.... more natural beauty.... and lots of sunshine.

And that was the beach at Thanksgiving.... sunsets of pinks and purples were absolutely stunning. 

Moments to remember:

Lighting our magic paper lanterns and watching them float into the star-filled sky.  Bonfire on beach and singing songs with Wiley and his uke.  Thanksgiving dinner of such GOOD food. Sunshine days.  A very calm lake like sea. Art show. Seeing old friends and making new ones.  Laughing so hard as my brother, Mike, Teresa and I told childhood stories ( the two men on this planet who make me laugh the most are my brother and Mike:)  Watching Rosie's big smile as she taught herself how to ride her bike.  Watching happy movies and some nights, the girls decided to just sleep in the middle of the movie watching.

So much to be thankful for... oh, so much.

And now we move into the most beautiful month..... D E C E M B E R....and it's all about the Light.

"What came into existence was Life,

And the Life was Light to live by."

John 1