He puts a smile on my face, He's my God.

 About to enter into September ( yea!! fall is arriving soon!)and August was once again.. that kind of August that flies by!

But want to look back on some family times before entering through the door of autumn.... The end of July, we headed to the mountains for a getaway with our little Robinson family.  The drive up to Highlands, NC was beautiful... the sun was setting and the entire sky turned into a soft rose color.  It was breathtaking.  Added to that color of pink was the smell of pine trees and fresh mountain air and cooler weather.  Oh, how we love these mountains!


Fun little overlook.  Another NEW experience for the Pipster!


Love this verse in Psalms... "He puts a smile on my face, He's my God."..... We definitely saw each day brimming with God's beauty as we woke up to mountain air and breezes! 




Love this Episcopal church in Highlands! The gardens are beautiful....English Cottage garden-y with daisies and Queen Anne's lace blooming all over! It was like a magical storybook church plopped right into the downtown of Highlands.  And they even have garden tours at the church.  Sweet sweet little place!


Such a happy picket fence!




We toured the much anticipated "Bascom" which is an art center that started from a vision from one artist who lived in the area of Highlands.... and now they have this amazing barn.. actually several barns. One pottery studio and then one big gallery where they have a revolving art shows.  This summer, it was all about women artist and some of my favorites where in the gallery... Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot!


Making fun little stops to see waterfalls!  This was just a waterfall on the side of the road... kind of buddy ( my vocabulary word for k-mart style)  to Mike and I... but the kids loved it!  We are realizing more and more that the kitschy things are what the kids love!




We passed this "Anne of Green Gables" type house everytime we drove into Highlands... loved it and the garden of purple floating flowers!


Pottery barn at Bascom.





I'll never tire of seeing these mountain views..... something about the mountains that is so unique and kind of wraps you in it's own little happy cocoon while staying up there among the pines and hemlocks and cedars.  Love love seeing and sharing this wonder land .. and extra special to see it.. and savor it with our family.

Now looking ahead to September which is tomorrow! yipeee!  Crisper fall days are ahead.. and colorful leaves... campfires, hikes, and pumpkins!  Love love this time of year!