Flower Time


A favorite morning...

Rosie and I picked flowers outside... put them in little patterns..... watched a moth fly around... ( which we called Carolina mocha)... and just enjoyed being outside and taking some time to "waste time" and sit.


Think it would be so sweet to wear flowers on my shirt during the last month of summer.. wish there was a perfect tape to use instead of pinning flowers....but Rosie and I will come up with something:)



One thing I love to do.... writing quotes and Scripture... ideas and prayers.. on blank index cards.  ( Got the idea from Anne Lamott in one of her books)  I just realized it's a lot easier to keep them together when I wrap ribbon around them... so now they are happily kept in one neat stack:)


What makes me smile....White daisy flowers and bright blue sky and Rosie mornings...... and the last bits of summer days.