Chaos and Candles...Fun and Family!


Some peeks into our family times with my parents and bro and his family.....

they are always filled to the brim with HIGH energy kids... usually loaded up on sugar..... a sparkly celebration of some sort.. usually birthdays!... Brent and I laughing over "remembering when we were kids!"....singing "Convoy"..... blowing out candles.... barbies scattered around the house along with sticks made into weapons and rocks and glitter!

Love this pic above... perfectly perfect... Sam doing handstands.. bopping around as usual..... mom wearing Pippa's outfit!  This just makes me smile....  a day in the life of...


Pippa's new fairy outfit with her" helper" that makes her "magically fly!"


Surprising Katelyn with something... surprising!


Birthday dinner time!


And the candles... celebrating 12 wonder-filled years:)


Recipe for a magic night.... hang  up some colored lanterns.. light some candles...and there you have it! MAGIC is in the air!!  ( oh, I think Brent is showing me how to do "instagram".. mom is asking... "what is instagram?"

Kids at fish pond.. looks like they are up to something:)


Another perfect photo of the "normal" in our house...

1. Barbie hanging in mid air on a string.

2. Pippa trying on another pair of someone's shoes. ( looks like a giant black ant or roach beside Pippa.. but promise it's not:)

3. Sam eating some more ice cream and cake on the stairs.

4. Katelyn joining in on cake and ice cream.


oh, and one second more..... Brent inspecting his coat....nd there is the laughy taffy Rosie!

Yep, never a dull moment!

and since we are on dull moments....more things to share:

I am still getting used to having three and  and making Trips to TARGET has been a learning curve:)

Sam, Rosie, Pippa and I head to TARGET....( my go- to store)....Have all my "list" marked off.... have cart loaded up with tons of stuff...almost toppling presents and all... plus groceries and whow knows what else... we get to check out line and I forgot BUBBLE wrap! Have to go back and get it... so I tell Rosie and Sam.. "you all stay right here.. I'll zoom over to bubble wrap with Pippa and be right back!"...

As I zoom the cart back to the check out.. after finding the big thing of bubble wrap... I notice all these red shirt Target people standing around my kids... " I wonder... "oh, no.. what happened?"... Then I see that the floor has stuff all over it...Rosie was pushing the baby buggy and hit the stacked up wine bottles.. knocks one over and it shatters all over the floor... ( her leg is bleeding from some of the glass...but it's just a scratch).. don't notice that immediately.. but the Target people tell me that Rosie kept saying, "I'm going to get in sooo much trouble."... they continued telling me she said that.. and then I thought.. "they probably wonder what kind of mom I am to leave my kids at check out and then have my daughter crying... "oh, I'm going to get in sooo much trouble!".. Rosie is my drama girl.:) 

So I gather my ducklings.... thank the Target people for helping out with my kids...... reassure Rosie it was an accident....... Sam kept saying, " I am soo embarrassed!"... I just ignore that part ( because I am feeling that way too) I start taking my stuff out of the buggy... then the blueberries flip open and are falling all over the floor.. I quickly try to gather them up... ( trying to not make another mess at target).. but I start walking on them and the kids do and then they are squishing all over the nice clean target floor... then Pippa tries to jump out of the cart... and I jump up to get her.... oh, me oh my.. I was sooo ready to check out and get out of the Target land! 

Well, that is just one of the days.....There was another day that Pippa was in the cart at Michael's and poured a jar of glitter over her head and all over the floor... and then opened up paint and smeared it all over her hands and arms.. ( and I was right there pushing the cart as she was doing that...( she is lightning fast!) .but that's another story for another time!

Soooo... life is always an adventure! And laughter helps us get through these crazy days!