Summer Days....


 "Good Morning!".....These pics are from our June time at the beach... but wanted to stick them in for the summer so I can remember the magic of the days....( and honestly, there are some days that lack the "magic"...because of chaos and tired kids and tired moms too! ) I am still in awe of these families with 4 or more kids... how do they do it? They must be SUPER organized... and I am still learning in that department..... Need my organized friends to give me lessons!

A new discovery at the beach... sleeping on the porch!  We loved it! Somehow the mosquitos stayed away for the most part and it was really fun to look at the starry night and make up our own constellations! 



Pippa even liked sleeping outside... and they all slept through the night..... wow!....once we all went to sleep which ....was late!


Back from beach time.... Rosie totally wiped out from lots and lots of ocean and beach and play and cousins and fun and frolick...... I caught her sleeping outside... had to sneak in a picture:)


And this dear painting was created by my friend, Abby... She made it for Pippa!  Abby is a young ( 6th grade) Austin, Texas artist and I adore her creative spirit... and also her happy heart that is so full of Jesus light!

Pippa is "taking a picture" of her new painting! She's very proud of it!


She not only made Pippa a painting but one for Rosie and I too! I love love the barn painting she made me!! It sings of barn dances and happy farm life:) And then the one with Rosie holding the's perfectly rosie posy!   So generous of her to take the time to make paintings for all three of us. They are beautiful and fullof whimsy charm!Thank you Abby! We love them:)!


And I didn't see this until we opened up the paintings... and right on the back.... penned ever so sweetly were Bible verses for each of us..... yes, this sweet artist has so much love and wisdom and talent at a young age! What a gift she is:)  I can't wait to see how God continues to use her as she grows each year and sparkles and shines out for His glory!

The back of these paintings remind me of how powerful Scripture is in our lives....... it truly is more powerful than we will ever realize here on earth:)

Hope you all are enjoying these last days of summer!  I can't believe it's almost the end of July!  Our school starst August 7 and I'm looking forward to it!! I love summer with no schedules... and free time... but now I'm almost ready to have schedules... yikes! And new fresh bouquets of pencils.....( can you guess what movie that is from?)

Happy summer days to you!