Pure Sea and Pure Smiles

"Live in the sunshine

Swim the sea

Drink the wild air."  ( ralph waldo emerson)

And that is exactly what we did....

After many days of red flags on the beach ( meaning dangerous rip tide) and then double red flags ( meaning stay out of water) we finally had that perfect day at the beach.... with perfect pure water and sunshine. This is why I love this beach sooo much... it is magic!

Fun times.... lots of smiles and surfing and splashing and making sandcastles with Nana, Pippa, Sam and Rosie!


Week 2 at the beach: Mike headed back to work and so Nana and I held down the fort with the kiddies..... it was crazy and fun all mixed together!  Nana is a super Nana and I love how she plays with the kids and gets their imagination going with building sandcastles and just hanging out together.  An extra special part of the week was having date night with Sam and then a date night with Rosie..... so nice to have that sweet time just with them. And Nana had a date night with Sam and Rosie together.  It's always fun to see what "treasures" they come home with! This time it was sparkle fairy dust for Rosie.... and a little case of fool's gold for Sam. 



Pippa loves the beach more and more each day! Her little feet  are actually touching the white sand and liking it!


Lifeguard Girl!



Love this pic because you can see the "action" in the background with Sam and Rosie jumping on their boards! They were riding on their boards hours and hours... thankfully, their skin is not like mine ( fair and freckles) so it's a gift that they can tan and not worry about being burned! I had wayyyy too many sunburns growing up so now it's all 50 spf for me and big hats and cover ups!


Surf Girl Rosie!


Sam loves his little sis!


And now Pippa has happily made friends with the sand.  She loves it and could spend all day building a sandcastle and making "sand" food and drinks! 

Oh, the beach.....so thankful for some perfect seaside days amid the red flags and cloud days!

And thank you Nana for being the super Nana that you are....It's fun making memories with you at the beach!