Reunion Days

When Pippa is in need of lots of hugs and lots and lots of attention... where should she go?? Well, first stop should be:

FAMILY REUNION!  Pippa was loved and hugged by all her cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents this past week.   And she absolutely adores her extended family and has new sweet friendships with each of her cousins. Really fun to watch all the interaction with everyone and how everyone wants to make Pippa smile and laugh.


Cousin Ben with Pippa... all smiles!


Love this pic... Pippa is gazing at cousin Claire and watching her happy smile!


Pippa loving her time with cousin Miles.


Taking a break at one of the piers on Western Lake. We had our annual bike ride through the magic of Watercolor!


Pippa enjoying her hugs from cousin Riley:)



Time for ice cream at Heavenly in Seaside ( actually it was sorbet)... we have discovered Pippa's little body does much better being dairy free!


Happy days!


Pippa's first bike ride with daddy!  And yes, daddy can sport the pink bike and all!


Hmmm.. Pippa is saying, "I'm not really into my big helmet."


During our reunion with Mike's family, Mike and I took the kids over to another part of the beach and had another reunion with our friends we met in China!  It was so fun to see them and see how their Mei has grown since we saw them in March in Guangzhou, China!  Such a sweet family and fun to know that we all love the beach so looks like the beach will be our meeting place for future get togethers! I can't think of a better place!


During our time at beach we celebrated Ted and Patty's anniversary!  All the kids created homemade cards... really special to see what everyone wrote.  And we had Justin Bieber songs in background as card writing and designing was made... so it made it a little crazy and fun all together. 


With the celebration... we had lots of cake and ice cream!


Do you think Pippa loved the cake? yep, she devoured it in true Pipster style!


All the cousins and all the merriment!


Funny pic.. I think Pippa is "done" with the pics... Sam is doing something silly in background.. and Rosie being sweet pink Rosie:)

A great family reunion!  Thank you Gee Gee and Da for planning this time and making it something that we all look forward to year after year!