Pippa has met the BEACH and she loves it!  Now the sand... well, it has taken time to get used to, but she loves playing in the sand  with all her little teapots and cups and she loves the water!  We had Mike's side of the family reunion this past week and Pippa was showered with LOTS of love and attention by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! It was a super fun week!


Pippa and daddy in the favorite spot of the beach house:  the hammock chair!  I think it has become our favorite place in the entire world! 


Pippa with the three amigo cousins!


The three amigos always have a great time riding their bikes, playing at the beach, pool, tennis courts... I think they have that taste of freedom while they are at the beach and it fills up their spirits in that 10- 12 year old way!


Sweet Gee Gee and Da! They are amazing with the grandkids! They play games with them, splash in the ocean and pool with them... build sandcastles, do projects together, bike, explore, read... They are a gift to each of the grandchildren and I'm so thankful for them.  I think as I get older, I cherish our family time in deeper ways...... We have been having our family reunion for 11 years now and each year it gets better.  One of the reasons is that we have kids now who are old enough to understand how special family reunions are and the cousins have such fun together... and that is part of our fun... watching the kids have so much fun! 


Rosie and Pippa at the beach and playing tea party.


Pippa still a little unsure about all the and everywhere... but thank goodness for the water that washes it all off!



Water bottles:  Pippa has learned that she feels much more "grown up" drinking from a water bottle.  She is way over the sippy cup!  Oh, and she also has to have the lid in hand while drinking water bottle.... she can't just have the bottle.. she needs the entire thing.. which means lid and all!


Having fun with daddy in the pool!


After a long day at the beach and pool... she finally gives up and falls asleep in Da's arms..... love this photo:)

So many fun pics to share....more to come soon!