Being a ballerina and a big sis!


Rosie had her first ballet recital this month and it was so fun to see her twirl around and perform her little dance moves! I think the best part for her was the outfit and being able to put on "real makeup" and then dancing at the Alabama Theater in front of her biggest fans: her family! It was a crazy day with getting packed up for vacation and having the ballet recital too, but it's a memory that we will remember!


Little ballerina!


The "ladies room" at the Alabama Theater is definitely a "must see"!  We had fun frolicking about in the parlor and downstairs area of the theater!


Gee and Da and Nana and Papa came to the recital too so Rosie was showered with attention and lots of cheers and hugs and love!  Thank you grandparents for coming! I know that Rosie will always remember this special day!



And from recital to the WATER!  Rosie is a great big sis to her Pipster!  The times of sharing are precious and I treasure them... because we are still learning about this share thing!


Definitely what I am learning is to make sure the "middle child", aka Rosie, feels extra love during this transitional time of going from two to three!  Rosie was the youngest and the "little girl" of the family but now, all of a sudden... she is now in the middle and the big sis! I think it's a lot for a child to grasp and deal with and one important thing I'm learning is to make sure Rosie feels special amid all the attention that little Pippa is receiving. So "Rosie time" is key and ... just some one on one time can make a world of difference!  And for the summer, I'm excited about getting some time in the studio with just Rosie and paint and canvas!  I cant' wait to see Rosie  paint more of her little girls that she intricately draws and create them on canvas. Rosie is definitely our artist and filled to the brim with imagination and frolick!  I think she has glitter in her heart because she can definitely throw some magic into the day with her spirit!   

Happy sunshine week to you all!