Welcome Summer!

Back into the blogging world....sorry for lack of posts but we've all been busy in this little Robinson family of five:). 

Summer is officially here and we are loving it! YEA for sunshine and free days and beach time and riding bikes!!! I love LOVE summer...... with no schedules... more relaxing days.... just time to rest and soak up the sun! So that is what we have been doing lately.

And here are some bits of pics from the past month! I feel like we've had her much longer in our home than two tiny short months....  Pippa is growing and growing and loving food and hugs and all her family... cousins.. aunts.. uncles... of course, her sweet grandparents and sister and brother!  She is adjusting beautifully and we are so thankful!



Pippa: the little gardener. She loves to water the flowers:)


Pippa: the travel girl.  She loves her red owl backpack and wants to wear it everywhere. It's so funny to see what she likes to put in it.. .usually it has snacks and a water bottle and then some fun toys.


Pippa: the tea party girl.... she thinks it's a lot of fun to "pretend" feed her dolls since Pippa loves food so much!


Morning breakfast outside has been extra special.  Just something about eating outside that makes everything a bit more magical.  (of course it would be extra magical with no mosquitos!)

SO much to update on as far as pics!  BEACH pictures are coming soon!  Pippa has officially visited the FAIRY land of 30A and loves the beach!  She is still getting used to sand but she could play with water and sand and all her watering cans on the beach all day long... as long as she is sitting on a towel!

Happy start of summer to each of you! May your summer be a sweet one!