The April Days

Days are flying by here in April and it has already marked ONE month since we have had our dear little Pippa in our arms!  AMAZING!

So the schedule is slowly forming into a rhythm of sorts... but I need that rhythm to involve a little bit of rest for the day because once the sun pops up... a brown eyed little girl in this house pops up too and bops non stop until bedtime.

So here is a bit of our days:

Get up at 6:30... zoom around the kitchen throwing and tossing eggs, bacon, rice stuff, chex, apple sauce, toast, some more chex.. some more eggs....around to all the little ones for their "first breakfast"... then zoom some more around.. and get first one off to school, then take 2nd one to school and then 3rd... is ready for another breakfast by 9:15.

Then we do our day things... either play with friends, go to appointments, hang out at home, do errands or go to the studio and hang out... ( and Pippa gets so excited about walking into the studio.. there are a billion things to find and play with and actually today was a great day where she played non stop while I finished a painting... yea!) 

After our play time then it's time for lunch and then pick up Rosie and then hang out at home...Rosie is a great help and continues to be the "baby mother hen" and loves "mothering"  her little sis. Of course, the Rosie mother hen also likes to revert back to "babyhood" and pretends to crawl and take a bottle and then go into whining... so all that is just part of the weaving into the new pattern of our Robinson fam.      

Our afternoons continue with Sam coming  home, homework.. neighbor fest .....then time starts to unravel... ( meaning Pippa get s tired.. very tired...) Pippa has  decided that she does not like rest time AT ALL... so we are working on that and I'm trying to figure out a good plan.  But in the plan time, I think for now it's eating earlier and going to bed earlier for the little bird of three.  I am now becoming more amazed with moms of three and more.. how do you do it all?  I am in learning mode:)  I think the key to still having fun..... just have a messy house!  And remember to laugh laugh laugh...

Am beginning to see more and more how valuable...  refreshing and KEY it is to sit back and laugh with the kids....Kids are really funny... I mean really funny!  I need to tape the conversations that go on in this house... I want Rosie to repeat things and Sam too... just so I can remember what they are saying.  And Pippa's little sparkle funny self is coming out of it's shell too!

Now time for Pics!

Pic below:  Early morning breakfast...  "the Hobbit breakfast".   Sam helping little Pipster... looks like he is intently explaining the laws of physics to her.


First outdoor concert with the Pip! She loved every minute!  Have I told you how much she loves loves all things music... and all kinds.  Last night, we danced to all 80's... afternoon was Taylor Swift and morning was the go to Chinese music.


Make Up time!  I think Rosie is saying, "now Pippa, this is what you do.. you get the lipstick.. oh, now don't touch that.. oh, and that too... now, you get lots of gloss... and then bright pink ......"


Early morning daddy with his little birds under his wings.


These pics just make me smile.



The sparkle in Pippa's eye... oh, me oh my... gotta love.


I am absolutely blown away how God has knit our family together.... Bringing us all together from thousands of miles away...... and HE knew... He really knew before the beginning of time that our family would be together.... I'm overcome with thankfulness.... and God's sweet grace and goodness!  Yes, there are hard days and days where I'm ready to go to bed at 5 pm.. but oh, the days are full and bright and I want to make the most of each of these!  Because they are only young once... and my how they are growing right before my eyes!

Ok.. time to sign off... was just invited to a "rip stick competition" across the street at the neighbors!

Happy night!