Pippa turned THREE this past Tuesday!.... T H R E E!

I can't believe this little bundle of cuteness is really truly three.... I feel like saying.. "let's celebrate her being 2!"..... her age is going by too fast and we've only had her home for 2 weeks! So even though she is three... she is all brand new to us.   I feel like I can still "baby" her in many ways which I'm thankful for because she needs that for bonding and attachment.  She still drinks from a bottle when she has her formula.  She is still not potty trained ( Even though big sis is helping her sit on the potty:)   And she doesn't know much English so she is still talking "baby talk"... even though I wonder what she is saying when she just talks talks talks in Chinese lingo!

We are still getting to know her with each new day and it's such a blessing!  And I'm trying to figure out "normal" routine which I haven't found but my friend, Katie, and I were talking through strategies in helping with "nap time" or "rest time".  It was funny watching Pippa with her new one year old friend, Grace Ann.   The way Pippa acts with younger children or children her size is really interesting and funny at times.  She is learning slowlyyyy to share but she is getting better about it all and it was sweet to watch her feed gold fish to Grace Ann... fish by fish! 

We had a mini party for Pippa on her birthday... just the 5 of us.  Wow, it's fun to say the FIVE of us!   She had a little cupcake with 3 candles and she didn't really understand it all but that's ok. I'm thinking maybe we'll have a 3.5 birthday party for her... or maybe we'll have three more birthday parties this year to celebrate all of her years!






Make a WISH!



Love this photo... I'm thinking she is saying..." Why are you bringing that stick ( candle )close to me?   The stick that was just on fire a few minutes ago.  Little did she know it had great frosting on it... but she soon discovered the delight of licking off a candle or two!


 Pippa saying to herself, "hmmm,what will my 3rd year bring?.... so far, I like being three:)"