Since we've been home:

Looking back:

So we've been home since March 30 and it's now April 12.  And it's funny because we haven't been home for even 2 weeks but we've certainly packed a lot of memories into these first days home with our Pippa.

For just the journaling part of this blog, I wanted to place pics in and just some moments that I will always want to here they are:


Welcome home signs.... a celebration... a happy happy homecoming!


Signs made by "tutle" welcoming us home. For each adoption Amy has made these signs for Sam, Rosie and now Pippa. Thank you Tutle!


Rosie with her Chinese umbrella and doing a ballet pose.


One of the first days home, Rosie, Pippa and I had our first tea party.  I will always remember this little party....... these days of our first week home with Pippa, even though jet lagged, were so full of joy because we were watching Pippa experience so much "happy new" in her life.


Daddy and his Rose.


One of the really really early mornings we all shared together. We woke up around 4:30/ 5:00. We had breakfast at 5 (which has never happened in this family)..... we do love our Saturday morning sleep!  And with the 5 am breakfast...


.... we watched the sun come up.... And Momo even joined us!  I will always remember this morning... we listened to the birds start their morning songs... and we even sang.  We were all so happy to be together as a family... it was just one of those mornings that I'll never forget.  Felt like a big hug from God and His joy resting on us...... and those moments will carry us through the hard moments of when we are all grumpy! Also,  you can see in Pippa's face that she is still unsure of MoMo...but she is definitely getting along with him much better as each day goes by!


( Pic above: Drawing with the cousins.  Pippa and Rosie adore their nieces, Katelyn and Callie.

Here is what we've been up to for the past ( almost) two weeks:

First days home:  Home on Friday:  around 1 am in the morning.. so technically Saturday:)

Saturday and Sunday: Celebrating with Gee Gee, Da and Nana and Papa.

Everyone heads home on Sunday and Monday and then house is quiet for a a few days.

April 6: Friday-My brother and his girls come to town for a visit.

We play with them for the weekend.

April 8: Sunday -Easter in Georgia and celebrating with my parents and Mike's parents and my brother and his girls and also with Dot and Peggy:)

And now it's Thursday, April 12 and tomorrow will mark two weeks home with Pippa!  Wonder what the next two weeks will hold?!

So far she's discovered:

Fresh spring grass

Legos of all kinds

Playing dolls and pushing them in a stroller


The Hello Kitty Bubble Machine

All kinds of new foods!

How much fun it is to take a bath with lots of toys.

The thrill of seeing Sam and Rosie come home from school.

Chocolate cupcakes

Riding on a tricycle

Finding Easter eggs

Having a tea party

The sweet scent of Carolina Jasmine, Confederate Jasmine, Fairy roses, Lady Banks Rose and Lavendar.

The beauty of a southern spring.

Hugs and kisses from brother and sister.

Peeling a "cutie" clementine.

Lots of love from Gee and Da and Nana and Papa



Fun times with the big sis!





Pippa meeting her other cousins!


Uncle Andy, Pippa, and daddy!


Mike's brother and family stopped by on their way to the beach... so lots of fun family first meetings with the Pipster...

Next time we play with them will be at the beach! YEA!!!

Oh, the beach... 30-A... I cant' wait to show Pippa the fairy land that awaits her. There is just so much to let her discover.  Today, I was just thinking about how she'll greet/ like the ocean and sand.... hopefully she'll love it and become a little fish like Sam and Rosie!

Happy Thursday to you all!