This past Sunday was a full day!  We celebrated Easter with our family in Georgia and also celebrated Sam and Pippa's birthday!  Pippa's birthday was yesterday, April 10 and Sam's is next week, so it's basically a continuing party here at the house... but with that... a very tired mommy!  

As for Pippa.. she is a pure... pip pip hooray!! We are constantly amazed by her and all her sweetness!  And I feel like she is growing growing so fast and I also feel like we have had her way longer than just a few weeks! She is eating eating... having to buy lots of eggs!  Too bad we don't have chickens in our backyard... would save some money with all the eggs she is putting inside her little body!  She is loving her brother and sister and is very excited when they get home from school. Rosie has become the "baby whisperer"! Pippa has her normal afternoon fits ( she's sooo tired yet won't take a nap). Basically when Pippa goes into her crying mode... Rosie and I look at each other and say, "Chinese Music!"... so we put on the Chinese music. And then today, fit started,  I went to turn music on and a few minutes later, Pippa was quiet.  I asked Rosie what she did and she said, " I just dried her tears and she quit crying." Oh, dear Rosie... she has this sweet intuition about Pippa that I really love and it's such a help to me to have my very own little daughter helping my other little daughter.... maybe Rosie has that understanding and can relate to Pippa of once being an orphan?  Sometimes I wonder.

Here are some pics below...I think sometimes Easter pictures are funny because you have all these nice dressed up families... trying to look all clean and perfect, yet one misses the drama that has gone into that "perfect pic".... the crying behind the scenes..... the whining.... the fighting... whatever it is. And  on the way to Georgia in the car was anything but perfect...... we have it all on video so we could laugh about it later, but at one point, Sam and Rosie were chanting "hungry hungry" as we got closer and closer to Cedartown... between the whining and all.   And then Pippa crying some, needing a diaper change desperately and talking her Chinese lingo... probably saying..."please get me out of this thing!" ...meaning carseat and car.  All of us were more than ready to get out of the van.

So during the ride, I had to take a deep breath ... and simply say the name.. "Jesus, Jesus" out loud... just to remind myself what Easter.. this day...was all about.  Jesus:  Powerful. Life Giving. Everything.

I see how much I need him... how much my kids need him....... and how life is completely empty and pointless without HIM.  HIS LOVE... HIS SACRIFICE is EVERYTHING.

So am continually thinking and praying through how to make days simpler and focusing on what matters.... we will have the hard days and the days of being completely worn out and mad and frustrated... and that's when the beauty of Jesus shines through and we see we need our complete dependence on HIM.  He is our ALL in ALL.




Swinging on Easter day!


Little Pippa and her little bouquet of buttercups.


The smile that makes us all smile!



Sam..... amazed by him and how he is growing up right before my eyes! He is almost TEN! Double digits!


Rosie... the baby whisperer!



Our family... Mike, Sam and Rosie and Pippa, my mom and dad, my brother and two nieces!...so much to be thankful for! 


Easter basket:)




Pippa loved finding Easter eggs.. .I could have watched her all day with her little basket.  It's still so fun to celebrate her "first" things with her! And Easter being one of themIMG_3073

Gee Gee and Nana!  Love watching them with Pippa! They are both full of LOVE!


Sam off to find more eggs!


Inspection time.


Who has the Golden egg??






Easter LOVE.... love love love!

And Jesus...that makes our hearts .... fills our hearts.... gives us the SUNSHINE in LIFE!