First Days Home


( pic above... first sibling breakfast!)

Many Many memories made this past weekend. We have now made a tradition here when we adopt and I love it!  When we returned from Russia with Sam and also with Rosie, both sets of grandparents stayed with us a couple of days to help us out and also to get to know their new grandchild.  It is so fun to watch my parents and my in laws with my children.   I really cherish each time we come home because there are memories made with the kids and everyone is so happy being together.  It is a big celebration!  Mike and I are exhausted when we come home from adoption ( Russia twice and now China) so it's a gift to have our parents sweep in and help us out and for that... we are very thankful!  Also, this time around, my mom and Ted and Patty..... held down the fort with Sam and Rosie while we were away.  Rosie stayed with my mom a few days during spring break while we were in China and then went to Marietta with Ted and Patty. And Sam stayed all 2 weeks with Ted and Patty.  I know it takes lots of energy to keep up with our kids so Mike and I are veryyyy appreciative of our parents and the love they give to our kids. The Homecoming this time with Pippa was so sweet because it wasn't just grandparents getting to know their new granddaughter, it was Sam and Rosie getting to know their sister as well.  This weekend was full of excitement as everyone was ready to get to know their Pippa!


Rosie feeding her Pippa.


Boiled egg... delish!! And little feet propped up on table... too cute!


Fun signs made by friend, Ginny:)


Love these!


Roses to greet us!


Happy times with daddy!


Big bro loving his sis!


Pippa loving her Da!


Nana, mommy, Pippa and Gee Gee loving the spring day!


Pippa loving her Gee Gee!


Art time!


Pippa loves to draw and play with her markers, paper and crayons... just like her big sis!  Yea for another art girl!



Bed time....... camping out on the floor. We really have no routine yet.  But Pippa is falling asleep at night with less anger and cries and she sleeps through the night... yea!!! We went to the pediatrician this morning and he said that her heart sounds good! yea!! And we go to the pediactric cardiologist tomorrow morn at Children's. So once we have that appointment done, then we can sit back and relax! Yea!!  

The days have continued to be sweet with Pippa and it's so funny because she is talking more and more and we just pretend that we know what she is saying and carry on conversations with her.  When she woke up this morning she started talking a mile a minute and I think she was asking about Rosie.  She loves music ( Sound of Music and this Chinese CD that we have called, "The Shanghai's really great and has fun boppity kids songs)  and she sings little songs and does these hand motions with them. So I'm wondering if she had music classes in the orphanage... who knows? But hopefully she did because while we visited the orphanage,  we walked by a music room...... it had a grand piano in the room and different music posters and instruments.

Guess that is all for today.  Pippa is playing with the dog food right now and sorting it and it's time to pick up Rosie from preschool.

Happy spring day from Birmingham, Alabama to you!