Airport time!

Wanted to share some airport photos and looking back through them makes me smile! Love this joy filled look of my mom!  She is a super Nana! 


Just got off the plane... Rosie and Sam ran out to meet us and we were putting down all of our bags to hug them!

Such a perfect moment.... even being close to midnight!



Meeting Nana for the first time!


Meeting Gee Gee and Da for the first time!


Meeting Papa for the first time!


Rosie desperately wanting to hold her sister:)


Rosie and Pippa's first hug!


Gazing at her little sis..... I am just like you Rosie.. still gazing at Pippa:)


First hug for Pippa and big bro Sam.


Pippa, are you ready for all I'm going to show you... the world of frolicky girl land!... says Rosie.


This past weekend was so sweet being with Pippa in our home and sharing all these "firsts" with her!  We took her out in the yard and she walked on the spring grass for the first time.  So funny to see her "high stepping".  She is still a little unsure of MoMo.


The Pippa "High Step"! 

I have so much more to share.... it's like sunshine in this house with Pippa!   She is a delight! She has slept through the night way better than Mike and I have.  Jet Lag has been pretty bad..... I thought we'd get over it fast because when we returned from Russia, it didn't take as long.  But then I realized we were in Moscow some of the time and that was closer to home than China.  So, I went to sleep at 8:30 pm last night.. woke up at 1:30 am...have been awake ever since.  Pippa woke up at 5 and Sam woke up too... then Mike ..... so we all hung out and watched the sun come up this morning. We sat outside... in the semi dark and listened to the birdsong in our yard.  Don't think we have ever been outside that early in the morning... it was another "first".   And now I think we are on our 3rd breakfast at 7:51 am! And I am getting sleepy and ready to go back to bed... but have a full day ahead.  Oh, my!.... time for some more coffee!

More pics to come!!!