Hello from Sunshine China!

( Mike just made a blog right before this one... so if you want to laugh a bit...check it out!)

Another beautiful sunshine filled day here in the land of China.   So today, we had a lazy morning which was nice, Since we have to be ready at 7:50 tomorrow morn for our consulate appointment.  Around noon we headed to the magical Shaiman Island and had more fun shopping around and just walking along garden pathways. 


Hi little Pipster... that is Mike's little nickname he has made for her...



Also, another nickname.. Pip!



Love this photo! Just makes me happy looking at it!  My new Nashville friend, Jill, and I had a great time shopping for shoes in this little store called Sherry's.  These shoes were cheap cheap and some were real leather! Happy Rosie and Pippa polk a dot shoes are going home in our suitcase! Love how Pippa is smiling in this pic because she is thinking it's totally focused on her... but she has no idea what's going on behind her!


More walkways and gardens and Frenchy French buildings.


 Another fun statue scene in the garden paths of the island... love the curtsy girl!



Amazing trees.... oh, the stories they could tell from the years they have lived.  


 Photo shoots are always going on here on the island... we saw this wedding couple everywhere and there were many other models and photographers around too!


 Mike making some music with the fiddler!


Heading back to the hotel.... again, looking out the window, you see all sorts of sights.  From upscale stores and super nice condos to glitzy glitz  fashion and laundry hanging out the windows of apartments.


Hanging out before our Pearl River cruise. 


Before eating,  we gave Rosie some gum and she loved it! Little did we know that she went through about 3 pieces before we caught her:)  By the way, gum wrappers in China are gold not silver.  Reminds me of Willy Wonka.


Pirate Ship heading our way.


 The dinner cruise boat was really nice and spacious... the food... umm... well, Pippa enjoyed the noodles and the big bread roll.


Loved the lights of the city reflecting on the water. 


TV tower ... 2nd tallest building in the world! I think it looks like an astropop in this pic!


It was a fun night on the dinner cruise... we ate in the restaurant downstairs and then went upstairs to the outside deck to see all the pretty lights.  It was kind of like a Paris/ Seine cruise... but Chinese style!  There was even a lady who did magic tricks after dinner.   We loved going up the river with all the Guangzhou buildings lit up.... I didn't realize how BIG Guangzhou actually was until tonight's dinner cruise.


By the end of the night... we were all getting sleepy and so now, it's 11:30 pm and I need to get to bed so we can get up at 6 am tomorrow morn for the consulate appt.  

Off to dream land! 

Goodnight from China!