on the road again...

Yesterday we left Shanghai and said goodbye to Pippa's city, likely forever. It was a jam packed day. Fortunately we had a late check out because we needed all of 2:30 to get packed, fed, and ready to head out. Traffic was ridiculous but we did manage to snatch a few last shots of the city on our way out. 

We got to the other Shanghai airport and to our gate with about 15 minutes to spare before taking off for Guangzhou. The flight was 2:45 and Pippa did amazing. She was such a big girl and sat in her seat all by herself. She spent 80% of the flight eating (her favorite passtime which has replaced playing...for now). She was determined to feed herself by putting a single piece of chicken or green onion or noodle on her spork. Her consumption rate was about equal to what her body required to sustain her eating activity, and her little airplane dish was like the fish and loaves—it seemed to multiply. She finally fell asleep about 20 minutes before landing with the stanky poopy diaper to match all stanky poopy diapers. We piled every jacket blanket and article of clothing we could find to try to cover the smell, to little avail. People were looking at us like we'd planned it this way and climbing over the seats to vacate the plane. Safely on the ground we hooked up with our sweet facilitator, Grace and another couple, the Denders from Nashville with little Hannah, and headed to the Garden Hotel. 

This hotel is amazing. We got checked into our suite and plopped into bed. Pippa has had a hard time falling asleep. Most nights it's been her screaming and us laying beside her on the floor, singing softly to her and rubbing her back until she conks out. She's great at it once she's down, but she hates the bed, hates the crib, hates blankets, and hates it when we touch her until she's too tired to care. Thankfully we're seeing little bits of improvement over the last 2 days with her sleep. Last night she actually fell asleep on the bed and stayed there all night. Tonight she fell asleep on her blanket while we skyped with the kids and my parents. We're all beat, so it's nice to not have that battle tonight.

Today in Guangzhou was very busy and I'm much too tired to tell it all and it would probably be boring without photos so enjoy the rest of the blog via photos. Good night from China. 



Pippa loved her bath yesterday before we left Shanghai. Love this blind photo that I got.



This was the last of 3 exotic car dealers we passed on the way out of Shanghai. I only got my camera out in time to catch it. The other two? Ferrarri and Maseratti.



Traditional Chinese transportation.



Tricia said, "Ooh, get the fun flower bears!"



Pippa on the plane. Her pre-meal meal.



Doing medicals today with about 500 other people. It was amazing to see all these kids getting adopted. You could sense God's presense in a powerful way. Not all that adopt are Christians but an overwhelming amount are. His heart is for orphans!



Pippa was cautiously cooperative with these nurses as they weighed and measured her. Not so cooperative with the ENT.



This doctor who gave her a general check-up was very kind. She got a clean bill from him. She also had a TB skin test given. Not even a peep when they stuck her with a needle. 



Pippa and Mommy after completing all the medicals.



After lunch, we went to the Trust Mart (think Asian Walmat) to see what all they had and pick up some necessities. On the way through the fish section, I turned around and this huge fish flopped off the ice and onto the floor. A worker scooped him up with a net and dumped him into the tank. Guess it wasn't his day to be someone's dinner. 

We're so glad to be in Guangzhou and among other believers and adoptive families! 

Thanks for all your continued prayers and comments. Keep them coming!