Out and about in Shanghai

Today was our "tour" day in Shanghai. Maggie brought her friend Susie who is a professional tour guide to give us a tour of a few of the most interesting areas of the city. 

We visited the Bund, the Old City and the Yuynan (Yu) Gardens (former private residence and garden). It was a great day and Pippa did amazingly well. Tricia and I keep reminding ourselves that every experience she is having is entirely new. The sight of gardens, the sound of birds, the smells of a market, all new to her.

Here's a little bit about our day.

We'd read so much about "the Bund" before our time here and got our first real taste of it this morning. The Bund is a bend on the Huangpu River where the British settled and built a lot of buildings and infrastructure in the 1930s. Across the river is an area known as Pudong that has only been built up since 1995. They have a saying in Shanghai about how everyone wants to own a bed on the West side of the river. That was until 1995. Now the most expensive beds are located on the East side in Pudong. (Dad, just providing you with some good trivial tidbits).


Looking across the river to Pudong (newest area of Shanghai). 


Looking toward the British Concession


The American Concession. Lots of people everywhere.


Pippa spent most of the day happy. Yay for sightseeing and getting out of the hotel!


Tricia thought it was funny that Forever 21 was opening a store in Shanghai. Totally fits though. Shanghai is a city for the young people of China. 


Old City, lots of people.


Good Ole' Dairy Queen and short people. 


First of all, is that guy wearing a chef's coat? For octopus on a stick, seriously?


Old teahouse. Sam, could you imagine feeding this many koi every day? We'd go through a bag of food a day.


Looking back toward the old town.


Inside Yu Gardens. Think these are peach blossoms.


The walkways were amazing and all different. Pippa loved toddling along on them though she needed a hand most of the time because the ground was a uneven as it looks.


More nooks at Yu.


Happy girls.


After touring Yu Gardens, we took Maggie and Susie to lunch at an amazing szechuan place. Pippa had a good appetite. Especially for apple, fish,...


and noodles. It was much better than any Chinese in Birmingham. I even had jellyfish (on my plate only—with a shellfish allergy it seemed a little risky).

After our tour, we headed back to the hotel for naps, chill time, and dinner. The gals are both asleep (Pippa on the floor), and I'm going that way myself after I swoop Pippa into her crib. Tomorrow afternoon we fly out to Guangzhou. Then one more week and we're headed home! Can't wait to see the kiddos and have them meet Pippa. Halfway there!