Bubbles and Egg Day

Another  day that was FULL... full of memories that we will cherish and always keep in our hearts.... 

So I'll start with our morning... BUBBLES: Pippa has discovered the magic of bubbles this morning.  It's so fun to see her eyes light up with each new discovery and taste and smell!  It is all in the simple things.. of discovering what an orange tastes like or what a magic marker does or as simple as looking at her favorite new book!

Mike and I feel it is a gift of gifts to see the world unfold through an almost 3 year old's eyes... it's really amazing!!



After the morning bubble time, we headed out again and this time our destination was :

Visiting Pippa's home for 2 1/2 years: Shanghai Children's Welfare Institute ...

Driving into the orphanage was like driving into a mini Disney Land... with immaculate gardens and rows of bright cabbage as decorations.


The front entrance was immpressive with all it's color and there was that sense of whimsy...


When Shanghai built this orphanage.. there was definitely a lot of money spent on it...And as we walked inside....

we knew we were not in Disney.  We knew this was an orphanage.   We walked by room after room filled with little cribs and little heads peaking out underneath blankets.  We came at rest time so many of the children were napping in their beds.  And then after going through a maze of hallways and stairs, we arrived in Pippa's room.



It was really special because we have met a family from Birmingham whose son is in Pippa's room and his family is coming in about a month to adopt him.  The amazing part is that he will only live 10 minutes from our house!  So here we are videoing him and his room so we can give some more glimpses into his life as his family waits for him.

It was such a joy to tell him that his mama and baba ( daddy) were coming soon!   



Pippa stood in her crib and was happy to show us where she slept every night.  I was happy to see the room was bright and cheerful and had paintings of children and animals on the wall.  The room had lots of windows which allowed much sunlight to flow in.  And in my book... sunshine is a must! 


Funny part to the "tour" of the orphanage.... Pippa carried a boiled egg with her the entire time while we were there. She started peeling it  and ate it once we got inside the van and headed back into the city.  Hmm... could probably make up some kind of symbolism to that ... but am too tired to think through that right now. :)  

Just thinking.. boiled egg and leaving the orphanage for good:)


This  photos is when we are leaving the orphanage... from the look on Pippa's face... she is happy:)


Heading out for good.... saying bye bye.... a chapter in this little one's life is closed... and a new chapter begins.


Bye Shanghai CWI


We will always remember this day.  I had no idea what to expect and if it would be really hard to walk into Pippa's room and see the children.  But something happened that I wasn't expecting.   The rooms that we visited were rooms where I truly felt God's presence there.  I know that orphanages are NOT Disney land.. though they may look like it on the outside.  I know these children have to learn to calm themselves....protect themselves... basically be fighters and survivors.  We are learning this through Pippa because she is definitely a firecracker! But I am so thankful she is.. I think that is how she has made it with all that she has been through with her little heart.

And as I walked through the hallways of this orphanage and as I walked into the specific rooms that I know have been prayed over by many people... (and these prayers have been strong,  powerful prayers )because I do believe there is a good and evil going on.... but I did feel like God showed me this:  "That HE is fighting for the orphans and HIS HEART is in that orphanage and His presence is there.   I am so thankful for the power of prayer that has been over this place... and am so thankful that I felt it this day.  God is at work.... and God cares.... for all these precious children.    I had a peace today... and I left with a calmness that "Yes, God is here."... even in this place.


So after saying goodbye to Pippa's orphanage, we headed downtown to the Pudong area to find Pippa's FINDING PLACE. This is the area where Pippa was left by her birthmother.  And we wanted to find it, photograph it, see it with our own eyes so we can tell Pippa as much as we can about her past. 


Pippa was left at the Children's Medical Center office... right where we are standing. She was left with a red blanket wrapped around her ... no note but some formual for her.  I can't help but think what her birthmother was going through.... We will never know the story, but I wonder if the birthmother realized that Pippa was really sick and needed medical help immediately. Not only was Pippa left at a medical center but it was the heart center and Pippa had open heart surgery a few weeks after she was left.  


I pray that Pippa's birthmother will know in her heart that Pippa is well and is now in a loving family that will care for her and love her so much.  I am thankful for Pippa's birthmom...... but in the middle of being thankful, there is that hurt too... that pain that I feel for Pippa and her birthmom.  Life for both of them didn't go as "planned".  It wasn't all sunshine and roses. There is broken-ness... there is heart ache... there is loss.

But that is where the beauty comes in:

God gives a "bouquet of rose... a crown of beauty.. instead of ashes."  God redeems...

And for this little girl, Pippa.. He is redeeming her life.  He has saved her through surgery on her heart and has given her a family and I pray that one day she will see Christ as her ALL In ALL.......the one who turns the darkness into beauty.  And I pray that Pippa's birthmother will see that God redeems... and truly know Jesus as her Redeemer..... the One true God who loves soo much. 

What a day it has been... it's the kind of day that I need to go through slow motion style and a day to write about more in my journal, because somewhere in the future, Pippa will have more questions and I want to be able to share as much as I can and show her that even through the brokenness and the pain..... there is hope.. and beauty....and God's love over it all.

And we are defiinitely seeing that here in Shanghai and through little Pippa Anyi!  God is soo good!

Thank you for all your prayers that you have lifted up for us.... we feel them and need them and thankful to all of you for your sweet support and emails! 

We'll go out tomorrow and do some sighseeing of the Bund and see the  pretty Yu gardens...... looking forward to it!

Goodnight from Shanghai!