The day in pictures

Thought we'd leave you with a few shots from today. It was a good day. We went to do some official things this morning including registration (official adoption in China) and notary public. Pippa did fantastic. By the time we finished she was really hungry, so she ate 5 pieces of toast we had in the car with us. At least she's getting her fiber. Then she took a short nap which daddy ruined by trying to put her in her crib (crib=nap over). We mostly played around the room and took a little walk out this afternoon/evening. Then she got her first bath with us (success) and had her teeth brushed (limited success). She was really tired by bed time and is now sleeping in the crib. Hopefully she'll sleep 11 hours again straight! 

Just want to say thanks to everyone for your comments, emails, and prayers. We love reading them, and they're a big encouragement to us during a time of a lot of ups and downs. 

Ok, enough talking... here are the pictures!



Pippa and mommy at breakfast. She loves her bottle as well as juice boxes. Hasn't figured out sippy cups or drinking our of a cup real well yet. 



This is at the registration office. A neat experience but a little weird. We went and got a family portrait made (think Olan Mills circa 1976). The ladies made us crowd together and sit in certain ways. Pippa told them "uh uh". Then we took an official certificate with the family picture and stood in front of a podium surrounded with fake white roses for another official picture. That made it official according to the China govt. Pippa is a Robinson!

This photo is in the waiting area. In the background is our guide Maggie (crouching) and a worker from the orphanage. Tricia and Pippa are looking at a couple we met from Wisconsin who adopted a 5-year old from Pippa's orphanage. She was playing with her older sister and Pippa wanted in on the action.



Pippa loves playing with her penils, markers, and crayons. Mostly just making little piles and putting them back into boxes. Tonight she figured out crayons make marks on paper. We have been asked if she was a girl a few times, as if the pink isn't obvious enough. Come on Chinese people!



I had fun with her this afternoon standing on the big window ledge in our room. She didn't mind the fact that we were about 350 feet off the ground and all that separated her and a plunge was a sheet of glass. She was more interested in telling me each item of food that she wanted to eat (the ledge serves as a buffet).


I'm pretty sure I told her "no" to the cashews and almonds. I'm pretty sure she's giving me a piece of her mind.


We knew she was getting tired so I suggested a bath just when she was on the verge of loosing it. Not my best idea of the day. What can I say? I'm a dad. Mom came through though and turned the bath into something she liked. Pippa is VERY interested in feeling safe at all times and some of these new things stetch that feeling of safety.

"I baptize you in the name of the.... " Looks like Tricia just got done baptizing her (We're Presbyterian. We sprinkle).


"Tricia, don't put the towel on her yet, I want to take a picture!" She got to snuggle up with mommy and a towel as soon as I got my shot.

God is very gracious to us. Today has been a good day. Please continue to pray as we go back to the orphanage tomorrow morning. I know it will be very confusing for Pippa. Two days isn't enough to be closely bonded when she's spent 2 years with her friends and nannies at the orphanage. Pray that she'll see Jesus through us and that we'll know how to help her heal through her loss and hurt. Pray that we'll get to see some of the other children whom we know are being adopted by other friends. Pray that Pippa will feel safe with us and that it will be a valuable time for us as we capture memories and info to share with her as she gets older. And pray for anything else you can think of!

Good night from Shanghai. Mike