Shanghai Sunday

We are here! I am still amazed that we are actually in CHINA... in SHANGHAI... and now only hours from meeting our PIPPA! 

First, we love Pippa's city!  Mike and I had a great time walking around the city today.  We found Nanjing road which is a a popular pediastrian street and there were lots and lots of people out and about... maybe because it's Sunday... or maybe because  it's normal?  There is a beautiful  park close to the hotel so it will be fun taking Pippa over there for little adventures.  There are Starbucks  on every corner :) which is always a plus!


Statue in People's park.  We're hoping to see the Shanghai art museum later in the week which is in the park.



Sam, these watch pics are for you!  You would love all these Swatches!  Many to pick from! 


And Rosie, you would love all the shopping!   We happened to walk into this store..... that turned out to be a big mall about 10 stories high!


Nanjing Road....


Candy apple red car... another pic for you Sam and also Da!



Even in the middle of this modern city with it's  Jetson like buildings,  there are still bicylcles and bamboo sticks that show up here and there.


Had to take a pic of this..... love how Paris and London pop up  in Shanghai too!


Our view.... I really could sit at this window and look out for hours. 


Yes, Shanghai is beautiful.......

And we are savoring as much as we can of Pippa's city!  Tonight we ordered sushi take out and we'll watch a movie and then get a good night's sleep for our big day tomorrow!  It was hard trying to stay awake today but we hopefuly we can sleep well tonight!  

We meet our  guide, Maggie, tomorrow morning at 8:45 am and we'll head to the orphanage to meet dear Pippa!! The time is almost here!!!  It's so sweet to think of her being here in our hotel room bopping around and exploring all her new little toys.    And so next blog... you will see Pippa pictures!!! yea!!!!

Sweet dreams from Shanghai!