One! More! Day!

Ok... so we have ONE MORE DAY!

Tomorrow we wake up and FLY TO SHANGHAI!!!!

So here is an agenda for all who want to see what we will be doing for TWO weeks!!

Friday, March 16      Fly to Detroit and then around 4ish... fly to Shanghai.  14 hour flight! ( movie and book time!).. and maybe some sleep.. actually, hopefully some sleep!

Saturday, March 17     Arrive in Shanghai around 7pm.  Go to hotel and crash!

Sunday, March 18       Explore the land of Shanghai...... top places to see: The Bund at night! It glows with color  and also see the French Concession ( just sounds fun because it has the word, French, in it.. yes, I'm a French nerd!)

Monday, March 19     GOTCHA DAY!  MEET PIPPA!!!!!   We will meet her and give her a lollipop to hopefully break the ice... and then it will be all roses and rainbows after that! Ha ha! Just kidding.. no, I'm sure Pippa will grieve.. and cry and we have no idea what to expect... please pray for all of us that day.  It will be wonderful and emotional all mixed together! 

Tuesday, March 20     Day to just hang out with our dear little daughter!

Wednesday, March 21  More time to hang out together as a little family and maybe explore some of the city ....maybe see some parks... cherry blossom trees?

Thursday, March 22    Our last full day in Pippa's hometown.

Friday, March 23      Fly to Guangzhou!

Saturday, March 24  Check out the land of Guangzhou!

Sunday, March 25          Explore!

Monday, March 26          Celebrating a milestone: ONE week with Pippa as our daughter!

Tuesday, March 27       Fun day! Shopping time!

Wednesday, March 28    Official consulate day and official adoption of Pippa!

Thursday, March 29      Take train to Hong Kong and spend the night in Hong Kong and fly home Friday morn.

Friday, March 30     FLy fly flyy..........  WE  ARE HOME!!!!  oh, HOME SWEET HOME!!   4:30 pm  Birmingham Airport!  Time to  HUG MY KIDS.. HUG MY PARENTS... HUG MY IN LAWS... HUG MY FRIENDS....TIME TO CELEBRATE....yea!! PIPPA you are HOME!!  ANd then we will SLEEP for a week!


ok.. whew! Just going over that schedule made me tired and excited! I already have banners hanging.....ready to celebrate Pippa being home!


And my dear friend, Liza, made this "Welcome Pippa" banner! Love it! Thank you Liza! 

It is all becoming more real as each day gets closer!!!! ONE MORE DAY until we FLY and 3 more nights of Pippa sleeping in her orphanage.

It's really going to happen! Pippa is going to be ours!!!

"God is great- everything works together for GOOD for his servant.

I'll tell the world how great and good you are. I'll shout Hallelujah all day, every day!"

( Psalm 35) the Message Bible