The Pink Room and the Poem.

Last week, I had some of my dear friends surprise me with a whimsy shower for Pippa! I walked in the door to Allison's house and saw all my friends together... it took me a moment to process and realize.. "oh, this isn't Bible study night like I thought!"  It was the sweetest of sweet nights! My friends gave me such precious gifts... the most precious was the gift of prayer as we all went around and prayed for little Pippa and our travels. Little did I know that Mike had made a beautiful prayer card for our trip and I had no idea he was the one planning all this behind the scenes.. along with some of my friends!   And on top of such sweetness, one of my friend's daughter wrote a beautiful poem and read it at the shower.  It blew me away that she wrote this that very afternoon of the party.  She also made me this big welcome sign to the shower!

So, I have to share the poem. Am going to frame it and put it on the wall in Pippa's room!


Perfect perfect poem... I cherish it soo much! Thank you Salem!


And here is the 2nd room for our Pippa! Right now is the packing room and wrapping gifts for Sam and Rosie while we are away.


I got this idea from Rushton and some others who have done this on their travels.  For the 14 days we are gone, the kids will have letters and some presents to open on each day.  I kept thinking about being gone from them as I wrapped their presents and I was sad just thinking about being away from them for two weeks.  I do ask so much for prayer for Sam and Rosie and that they are filled with supernatural peace and joy while we are away.  Oh, PEACE and JOY are my two theme words for the trip.. a prayer for all of us.. so if you think of us... think.. .. pray....PEACE AND JOY... I feel anxious today as the time edges close! But also excited.. it's a combo of many emotions!  Please also pray for  my in laws, Ted and Patty, and my mom too as they all are going to help out with the kids.  They'll definitely have their hands full and need extra boosts of energy and perseverence as we are gone!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement.... we treasure each prayer lifted up!   I think of prayers coming down around us like tons of pink petals....thank you in advance for prayers being said!!