Choosing to see the Beauty







( pics above are photos of some gardens in Shanghai...In Pippa's hometown!  In fact, some of these gardens are really close to where we are staying in Shanghai..... excitement is all over our house! The kids have been bopping around and we have been bopping and packing and repacking.  We have bags packed and weighed.. had to re=do and add one more little suitcase.  And now we'll be on our way very soon! 

As the days get closer to flying to China ( one more day and we fly to Pippa land!)  

I am taking time reflect on this journey we've had for over 12 months... actually we started the adoption papers November 2010 and now we are heading to China in March 2012. We have waited and waited.. but in the waiting... I am seeing how God's timing is always perfect.... so perfect!

This journey of adoption has definitely had it's ups and downs. The wait is not easy once you see your precious child's face and then wait and wait.... all the while, knowing they are in an orphanage room sleeping by themselves every night...... without their mommy or daddy.

And it can be overwhelming when you think about the sadness of what orphans can go through...... and the pain in the world.... and the hard of life.  But then there is the flip side.  God is still working..... in the orphanages.... in the pain, He is there and there is beauty.  It's having eyes to see it that can change things around too. So I wrote this below in my journal last week and wanted to share:  

"I Choose to see the BEAUTY

I know there is pain in this world... clouds of darkness and evil.... ashes of sorrow spread everywhere.  I see it..... I hear about it.... I read about it...and I feel it.

I have felt it strongly on this adoption journey.. I know that orphanages are not "disney land" and there are days  when I think about all the orphans and my heart is overwhelmed.

But in these clouds of darkness, I  choose to see all the  Light I can.. even if it's just coming up in bits and pieces....

And even through the evil... I still choose to see all the good....
And through the ashes of sorrow... I cling to the beauty.... and see the joy....and like a photographer... I want to have eyes to see.... even if it's just a tiny flower in a crack of pavement.

Choosing to see....
the light...
the good....
the beauty.....

the joy......

does not mean there is the absence of the weight of sorrow.  I have cried much over this torn and tatttered world...
I've cried over Pippa's orphanage... over the sorrow there.....
Yet, through all this...God holds my hand... shows me HIs faithfulness.... opens my eyes... to SEE... and I SEE even more light, and more and more goodness and more beauty!  He is at work! Even when I can't see..... I know in my soul... He is at work... all around.. and 1/2 a world away.. in an orphanage that is near to my heart in Shanghai, China.  Orphans are being adopted and are no longer orphans... God is placing the lonely in families.  Mighty prayers are lifted up... human hearts are drawn to what is on God's heart. 
Love is winning!
And ultimately God is WINNING!

And all of it is HOPE!

It is God HOPE.

For if we feel completely defeated in evil and darkness and sorrow... then it's like living in a black and white world. There is the absence of light streaming in which gives color to our days and hearts!

God is the one who made color.. who made the pink in the Cherry blossom and the blue in the sky.... God meant for us to live fully... and in color!

I feel like I'm an explorer... camera in hand...eyes to see... heart to be filled... with all the wonders that God has out there for us!

And I'm ready!! Ready for take off... ready to fly... ready to meet our dear PIPPA and see the Cherry Blossom world of hers..... CHINA!

And I choose to see the BEAUTY."